Monday, September 15, 2014

.... There I Go Again....

There are things that I want to write about..
There are things that I actually write about..

In between there is a life that I experience, which is a small intersection between these two points.
I don't think I do justice to my thoughts, my experiences and my love for writing (Probably explains my scanty readership).
I have been writing for 7 years now and  some people think that is so "friggin" cool.. To be honest, writing comes naturally to me but not the posts and that explains my unpublished drafts. Like every other writer(I want to take the liberty here) I instantly want to blame life for it.  I have tried my best to post unguarded thoughts here but it does not come naturally to me. I end up writing posts which look half baked and cryptic to many of you. I have read my old posts many a times and always shuddered at the thought of others reading it. I know that I am way too critical of my writing.

Writing my thoughts out here has given me comfort over and over again. Even when I know that I won't be understood there is a hope that you might connect with some parts of a post.
I don't write to spread positive energy. I don't write to sound cool. I don't write for approval..

I like to write with my strong black coffee in hand. I write because it is the simplest way of getting it out of my system. I write because I hope to become a writer someday -  A children's book writer.
I write because I love putting my opinions, experiences and choices out there. I write because I want to capture my thoughts and want to look back and reflect.

I want to create characters. I want to build stories around those characters. Strong Characters with full of grey areas. The characters which are imperfect. The ones who are perceived as oddballs. The ones who live in your minds for a long time.

The endings of my stories have-never-been and will-never-be perfect. I have never been good with the endings. In my opinion the happy endings are always borrowed where a chapter ends with a full closure. In my life the endings have never been that way. The chapters open, close and keep popping up every now and then (like Hyperlinks).  I don't think there's ever any closure (though we all want that). I am ready to argue whoever says otherwise.

I think it has been a long post. I have been trying to write this one for a long time. It took me exactly a week to pen down my thoughts. The recovery has been tough, exhaustive and just when I thought it was hard I came down with the mother-of-all-flu's. No, it doesn't end there because I didn't tell you that I had to travel for work this weekend.

On the positive side, I am in Macaulay's land and hopefully will get better. It is a small "market town". I never run out of luck with them and London is closer than what I thought..


The place where I am staying is a quaint little building but that story is for another day, another time..


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