Sunday, September 7, 2014

....Bye Summer, Hello Winter..

September is here..
It is an interesting month. It brings festivals with it or at least the anticipation  of them hiding around in the corner.
If you look around and google you will find that all over the world they celebrate festivals, events, competitions, carnivals, feasts. Probably, it was all planned back in the day to help us recharge just in time for the winters and of course the Crops/ harvest.
In my mind September is all about transitions. The weather giving slow and subtle warnings for what lies ahead. It is another thing that global warming changed the rules of game, at least here in India.
I find it an interesting place to be in a span of 12 months. You are cruising along and haven't yet run out of steam. It is the perfect time to review and reflect on your resolutions. The things that you commit to yourself just at the start of every year.

I don't think September is my favorite month. I think that will always be February, too many stories there. September has always intrigued me for some reason. I have had funniest, strange and just different experiences in September, year after year.

Looking back, the year started on a dull note but can't complain. I have had my share of high's.
Just when I thought my bucket was full I got my bittersweet pill called life. It pampered me, shocked me and taught me more lessons at the same time.

So much remains for this year and I am not done as yet. Maybe, I am too ambitious but so much remains to achieve.

Hoping, Wishing and Praying for more steam..


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