Monday, September 1, 2014

..21 And Invincible..

I have been busy with work lately. Not the kinds that kill you after sitting straight in front of your laptop for 12 hours. It is the kinds which keeps you on your toes. The time flies. The concept of hours, minutes and seconds cease to exist. It is exactly the kind of thing that I need at the moment to get going. I have to admit that it has been instrumental in keeping me collected all this while.

At work I have been involved with a lot of initiatives. One of them involves dealing with fresh talent. The ones who have just finished college and stepped in the corporate world. I was a little apprehensive taking this up initially. I thought I wasn't the right person for this and they needed someone more senior and experienced in dealing with them. It has been a week since then and I am absolutely loving it.

There were around 25-30 new joiners, fresh from their technical training and ready to join the mainstream. To be honest I was more nervous than them. My first workshop with them was very measured, thought out and controlled. I remembered the day I had joined my first project in my first company and how nervous I was. The first time we were addressed by a senior and the impressions that we carried around for months altogether. I think that thought was good enough to put me at ease. I opened up a bit and was more my natural self.

After talking to them for around 10-15 minutes I thought of those little things that I was wondering about on my first day. So instead of talking IT - mumbo-jumbo I kept my words simple. I think that really worked and I was able to break the ice. I heard them that day. The things that they wanted to convey. The questions they wanted to ask but were too hesitant. It was so refreshing. The energy was infectious. I have to admit that I really look forward to these workshops because it's me who is learning.

I was amazed with the way they carried themselves without any hint of awkwardness. They came across as go getters. In that room I thought I was the most naive person around and they all came across as pretty smart kids. It has been a very positive experience so far.

The things that I learned about myself (yet again):
1. I can't confront even when I know that the other person is out-rightly lying
2. I hate to point out mistakes unless I am asked specifically
3. I am overly sensitive about a few topics and hate admitting it
4. I am good with people. I can be a good listener

What is really more interesting is how people around (mainly the mid senior lot) are vying for their attention.
 I see the interactions on a daily basis and find them too amusing and at the same time I understand how everybody want's to be popular and start a cult. Most of them these days are busy conducting "meetings" with them where they try to come across as manageresque -  I am sure Dilbert would understand this.
For some it is more about their ego. A very seasoned senior and wise beyond his years pointed out: Everybody want's to be a hero without any substance.

Dilbert: Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.
- It is just one of those days..

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