Saturday, August 2, 2014

... Time is an Illusion (or not) ?

Time and again we are told to "Seize the day". Every once in a while we end up reading articles/ blog posts/ quotes to make the most of our time. Facebook and Twitter are flooding your timelines with these articles, thoughts, quotes, status messages. We feel inspired, become positive and resolve to make full use of our weekends. Do we actually seize them?

In the past few days, I have had different conversations around the same topic with different people in different phases and each one battling a different situation. Each one of them said that they were finding it very hard to find time. Is it really true? I think all those who say that they don't have time are living in denial.

We keep churning out excuses for not doing things. The one thing which I noticed after I relocated to India and was that 80% of the people around me don't ever think about their continuous improvement.
If there is no ROI then there is "no point". I promised myself that day that I will never cross the fence to become one of them.  There is time and there is always enough time to pursue your passion and interests.

I am not perfect with my time management. Most days I am very stiff about my schedule and making plans on the go is really not my forte. I make sure that I take time out for my "continuous improvement".. Sometimes I take on more than I can finish and it leaves me exhausted. I also keep criticizing me for my unfinished projects.

With age I have started seeking out for creative satisfaction also with whatever I do and probably that keeps me going. This has helped me immensely in compulsively, consciously and intentionally taking time out.
Baking, Painting, Writing, Crafting, Running.. It's all mine and just mine.
These days I am trying my level best to take time out for the two most important projects of this year:

1. I have started learning Guitar. We all know about my love for music and simply blogging about it wasn't just enough for me. I want to play an instrument. I want to own every sound that comes out of it. I want to make it mine. I want to make music. It sounded like a very fine idea to start learning Guitar.
I am only practicing chromatic exercises for the past one week. The fingers are a little rough at the moment. I know I need 10,000 hours to master it.. Hopefully I will get there too.
For now, I will tuck the possibilities under tomorrow's blanket and focus on today's practice.

2. I have challenged myself to reach a level higher with my fitness. The end date is 30th September and I am trying my level best to win it. For that I know that eating is as important as working out. Every dinner is well thought out and well planned. I take time out to cook my dinner. This takes up my time. "No Excuses" .. These two words just keep me going.

A very wise man once said:
I know that I was born and I know that I will die,
The In between is Mine. I am Mine.

I think I will do whatever it takes to own my life completely..

I read a wonderful article  and I completely agree with it so much that it inspired me to write a post today. I know that my words are not enough to motivate you. I know that you need your own AHA moment to realize it.  I still tried with this post..

I hope one day you realize that we cannot live our life like a spectator.

 P.S: Thanks MG..


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