Monday, August 4, 2014

Of Crazy Days and Manic Mondays...

I am a Saturday person. I have always liked Saturdays better. Fridays and Sundays represent too extremes in my opinion. Fridays are all about anticipation/ excitement and joy and Sundays are about sulking, dreading Monday mornings, planning.

Saturdays are carefree and there is a sense of "chilledoutness" about them. Even my coffee tastes better.
I like the energy that overpowers me on Saturdays. I feel I can take on anything! A good workout.  A good breakfast. An easy peasy lunch followed by music. A good and hearty dinner with some G&T's. Ah, love life those days. I never feel tempted for a siesta on Saturdays just for the fear of missing out on my weekend. Even those irritating errands don't feel tiring. At the end of the day there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I have spent a good day.

I am always cheerful on Sunday mornings. Sunday Mornings are like a good desserts aftertaste. It makes me want more. It makes me look forward to the day. As the day progresses and evening approaches my want turns in to sulk. I start dreading Monday mornings and the mechanical life of weekdays.
I am honest enough to admit that the dreadful, mechanical life of weekdays is mostly my own doing. I hate changing my routine. I am very uptight about my plans. And my obsessiveness of working out daily puts me on a back foot.

Every Monday feels like a battle. Right from 6:00 am in the morning. I fight and fight and fight that queasiness that it brings along. I try to rebel in my own way. I sleep an hour extra on Monday mornings. ALWAYS.
I convince my mind to take the day off. I come up with the most innovative excuses every Monday morning.
Getting to that swipe machine takes every ounce of energy from me. The moment I switch on my laptop and drink coffee it becomes better. It feels just like another day and the monster suddenly disappears.

Two hours later, I forget my queasiness, I discuss my weekend adventures, I get down and fight it out just like another day, I look forward to Fridays. The world suddenly becomes a better place to be.

All very predictable, I would say..!

Hate Mondays except the long weekend ones..