Saturday, July 19, 2014

Still Raining, Still Dreaming....

I have imagined this post way too many times in my head now. I guess I should just write now..
I am back from a trip which was more about leisure than business.

Wilderness, Silence, Food, Interactions, Music, High Ceilings, Rustic gyms, Gin and Tonic, Martinis, Treks, Mist, Rain, Conversations, Perspectives and Life in General.
The last week was really relaxing. I wish I could capture time but well it was running crazy.
Last week, I was holed up in the most beautiful place, surrounded by nature and good food.

What I loved about my holiday was observing little things in and around us. It again got me to thinking how little we value our surroundings and sounds in general. We keep missing moments around us.
Watching the rain through the glass with multiple rounds of G&T and listening to unadulterated music was just pure joy.

It rained and rained, day in and out. It was a really nice change after a long dry spell. It was very symbolic for me in many ways. I felt refreshed.
My head on most days is a deep web of unsaid words, unthought known, pent up feelings, seeking closure. It is always a broth of emotions. I have always associated rains with letting go of these emotions and that's how it felt for a strange reason.

I love it when it rains, I love the way it sounds. Rhythmic and Musical. Following patterns. There is something about them which makes me an optimist.  I once read something in a small cafe:
" You can't make a rainbow, without a little rain".
I love the smell of earth, the color of leaves, the little puddles here and there, the alertness of flowers, the warmth of tea that rain brings along.. I know I can't ignore the humidity, chaos and those small little wriggly things which keep popping from nowhere. Oh, not to forget the craving for crisp dried shirts, towels, socks etc etc.. For what it's worth I was never a summer person anyway..

P.S: I know I have been irregular and there are no excuses. I just wanted a little time off to recollect, rejuvenate and recharge myself..
P.S1: The title is a very cool song by Jimi Hendrix. It is perfect for day dreaming on a rainy day.. 


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