Friday, July 25, 2014

.. Here We Are...

It's official! I am in that phase again. What phase, you ask?
Well, I am a little out of my wits here. This is my fourth attempt at writing. The last three are still lying abandoned in my drafts. It's not that I have nothing to write about. I have so many thoughts, opinions, incidents, experiences to share. I tried hard but I could not whip up a single post about any of them.

Then, today morning I came up with this brilliant idea of sharing excerpts from those unfinished posts..
How original?  Well, if you are in a state of mind like mine trust me these ideas feel brilliant..

Let's see how this post ends (or not):

"Your Playlist is a window to your soul".. I read this line in the newspaper movie review section and based on that I recommended it to someone. Interestingly, this was the first line that he pointed out after watching that movie. Ever since, I have given it a lot of thought and I just keep wondering about the meaning that it carries. Music is not my hobby, it is not my way to past time, it is not even a conversation filler. It is a necessity, a way of life for me. I love my music choices and the meaning that it carries in my life. It is not just about a particular band, singer, song, lyrics.. It is the whole package. I have loved music in every form.
It was about music when I was jumping with my injured foot to catch a glimpse of Eddie Vedder. It was about music when I sat down by the window with a glass of Gin and Tonic to watch the rain with music in the background. It was about music when I ran that half marathon with a 2 hour long playlist.

With time, I have matured enough to not to condemn different music preferences. Well, it is just me growing up with time.
Coming back to my point "Your Playlist is a window to your soul" scares me. It is like letting someone in to read you over and over again. Music is a part of me, I am a part of music and I want to live in this harmony forever.
Yesterday, while I was working out in the open there was a group of kids playing nearby.  They were done with their evening cycling and were playing office-office (Enacting office- office, they had prepared the situations a day before). The cynic in me was smirking. I was just curious to see their childish situations and reactions.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear their conversations, the answers and the day to day situations felt very real. "A girl cribbing about her female boss with the other colleagues" , " A mediocre girl who is insecure of the bright girl going behind her back to the other colleagues and talking nonsense to get some attention" etc etc.. Watching those day to day office life scenes in front of my eyes left me wondering who was more grown up (Them or us). They had nailed every scene/ situation so perfectly that I wanted to give them a standing ovation.

How does three women spending their weekend together sound? Crazy! Well, yes it was crazy.
Three very different women out of which one of them was yours truly! Three different women in every sense - professionally, attitude wise and personally - all in very different phases of relationship. The conversations flowed, the feast was laid out, the pitch - getting high and higher... All very predictable you think?
We discussed every possible issue ranging from world peace to parental. It also brought a very fresh perspective. It was really amazing to see how different we were and how much tolerance we had for each other.
One topic that kept popping up was how we were becoming like our mothers. Trust me, it wasn't comforting at all. We all love our mothers but we always had a vision while growing up and what we wanted to be.. During our discussions we all confessed that we were scared to become like our mothers.
That was the thing which kind of comforted me that I was not in this alone. I somewhere didn't feel any guilt for not wanting to be like my mother.

Ah, you are still here and reading this. After writing this I feel that all is not lost. I am struggling with my posts a bit these days but it will get better. Soon!

I am sure you and I will still be there after another 500+ posts.


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