Saturday, July 5, 2014

..Faith, Beliefs, Perspectives..

Ramayan was the first fantasy fiction that I saw on TV. It was introduced to us quite early on. I never missed any Sunday or rather my parents never missed it. As a kid, it was fascinating to look at the costumes, make up, beautiful people and a fairy tale packaged well.

Then came Mahabharata, it blew my mind away. I was at an impressionable age then and I think it played a huge role in defining my principles. They say no information ever gets lost and even after so many years I still connect the dots. A German friend of mine asked me if Mahabharata was a religious text for Hindu's and my answer was: " For me, Mahabharata is a religion and had Arjun been Adam/ Amir it wouldn't have made any difference. " I have read Geeta twice and every time it just opened a different world for me. The things that I have learnt are for me to understand and implement.
I still get dreamy while watching Mahabharata.. It is a complete manual. If you understand Mahabharata you will understand LIFE. I think it covers every aspect of human life. The dialogues, the situations, the grandeur, the characters (funnily,  I had a lil crush on Karna), the complexity of relationships, purpose of life, mind games, passion.. It has something for everyone.

After Mahabharata I was convinced that there was nothing closer to it. That was it! The be all and end all guide to living life until I started watching Game of Thrones.

I can sense people acting snobbish now. This is the thing we put Ramayana and Mahabharata on such a high pedestal that we never bother to dig deep. We think there's nothing close to it.
I started watching Game of Thrones and it reminded me of Mahabharata and well I was hooked.
Kings, castles, different shades, no heroes, no villains.. just characters. It makes me sit up and think.
It is about courage and cowardice. It is about greed and sacrifice. It is about forgiving and forgetting. It is about life and death.  It is about contradictions that run in our blood. It is about our struggles that we fight and the stories that we live to tell.  Just when you pick your favorite you see his dark side, Oh boy!
It has given me a new perspective in life and it is interesting to see how it is changing me little by little.

Maybe it is very childish of me to find perspective from a fantasy fiction then again do you have something better? Music, nature, everyday life..?
For people who believe in god it is simple. They have all their answers well figured out. For people like me who question his existence/ plans/ religion its a difficult road to walk. We keep adjusting, readjusting our beliefs. We keep learning, evolving and building perspectives. We learn from wherever we can and we try to believe in things every now and then. I can't follow formulas - Go to a temple, Pray everyday etc etc..
I have seen people inside the temples breaking queues, fighting with each other and it just makes me doubt them and their intentions.

I somehow cannot refrain from writing about this subject. I keep writing about it every once in a while and my thoughts are a little different every time.. I am trying to figure things out. It is a difficult road for sure..

A few days ago I was reading Robert Frost's poetry when I came across this couplet:

“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee
And I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.”


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  1. Well, I had the same feelings when I watched HP movies :) :)