Sunday, July 27, 2014

About An Old Song...

Circa 2003: The memories are too hazy. It feels as if there is a heavy layer of dust on them. I was studying engineering and was busy organizing our college fest. I had another friend and both of us had this grand vision of organizing a rock/metal fest. We had put up a good case with the management and they agreed to our mumbo jumbo.  We ran from one end of the city to the other for sponsorship, bands etc etc.  I had a childhood friend who was my ideal in every sense of the word. He was studying engineering from the best college, my music choices today are a reflection of my friendship with him. He would get me songs from all over and made me listen to them, he showed me videos.. It was really fun hanging out with him. He had already started playing in a band and had a good circle of musicians, locally brewed rock stars.

My childhood friend introduced me to GT (to be explained later) back in 2001. He was this crazy Assamese guy who didn't look exactly like an "Assamese". Through him I learnt that pork is the best meat, Old monk can solve anything in this world, not everyone who plays guitar understands/ likes metal and lots of other jazz.

Not to drift off from the subject. Our college rock/ metal fest was over hyped before it even began, it was a 24 hour fest with a rock metal concert. Indian Ocean was supposed to perform that year and naturally at that age there is some charm about all this.

So I approached GT and my childhood friend to help me get bands to apply to this rock/metal fest. The prize money was quite substantial and it was all about fun. They introduced me to so many bands and eventually our maiden effort was a grand success.

I don't even remember who won.. I remember small details -  How a guy complimented me for my long hair ( I had really really really long hair), I still remember for the fest I had borrowed a pair of anti fit - jeans from my then best friend which was slightly ripped and suited my very rockesque image. I remember how I was invited to so many "gigs" and "jams" and "tribute concerts". It was so much fun.

I stayed in touch with GT very intermittent though. When I was in Germany we made plans to go to Wacken. It never materialized. It was just that one thing I was very fascinated about from my college days and wanted to do it because I thought I needed some closure from that life :).

So, a few days ago I got a Whatsapp message from GT asking if anyone was interested in learning Guitar.
I decided to take up that offer. Yesterday was my first class and it did go well.
I practiced for a while and that dream of playing a Pearl Jam song one day in front of the crowd feels very much possible now.

I met him after 10 years and after the initial awkwardness I didn't feel anything different. He was still the same guy passionate about music and pursuing it full time. Maybe that's the thing about strong connection. It never fades. It gathers dust with time but once you remove the dust it shines bright!

GT: Guitar Teacher


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