Monday, June 30, 2014

Defying Gravity..

We all have battles. As soon as we finish one we move on to the next. That's how we are conditioned.
That's how it is for most of us, for everyone I would say. It's a continuous process. Knowingly or unknowingly we end up face to face with the monster. We fight and fight, some of us give up, the others keep fighting. If you introspect you realize that all your battles are intertwined. The universe has a funny way of catching up. Every reason, every argument, every move is linked. It is a circle and we keep making rounds of that circle.

It is addictive. Every battle that we finish gives us strength to take on the next challenge. The battles build character. They define us. These battles give us hope, optimism, beliefs and reasons to keep moving in life.
What would be life without them? Purposeless? Hopeless? Nay, I wouldn't want that.
The battles define the course for the rest of our lives, our surroundings, our dealings, our people, everything.
We need them, we need the struggle because without them there will be no growth, no passion, no loss, no gain, no achievements, no heroes. Nothing.

Have you ever seen someone losing a battle? You can tell that from their eyes, they say that. I can tell you for sure that it is every bit true. The most disheartening thing to see is losing spirit.
When the last ounce of hope has deserted you, when the hollowness of your belief remains, when you don't want that last chance to strike back, when you are nothing but a glass with multiple cracks that's when you lose a battle. The eyes! It's all in the eyes. They are a reflection of ones state of mind. I fear people when I am not able to read their eyes.

I have been fighting my share of battles recently. Am I tired? No! I have to keep pushing. There is no other way. I contemplated shutting down this blog. I felt brain dead. I tried writing but the words wouldn't make sense. I came here questioning the point of writing here.. I came looking for validation, approval and reasons for my writing but I found none. I visited this page everyday. I read lots of blogs. The good blogs. The ones with great stories, strong point of views, opinions and truckloads of readers. I was in a lot of doubt.
I decided to give it one more shot and I started writing with my incoherent thoughts discussed over Belgian wheat beer in an upscale brewery. The bottled up emotions, thoughts and opinions finally exploded as soon as we clinked our glasses. 40 minutes later with beer in hand and good music videos on the screen I visualized this post and realized that I had won my battle. There was a small victory lap in the brewery's washroom (shhh.. thats our secret)..



  1. If we didn't have something to fight for, I personally believe life would be dull. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up the fight but then a life without purpose is even harder.

    It is so good to know you embraced whatever was thrown your way.

    I know about needing validation. Most of us bloggers need that no matter how much we deny it. But you know if you keep writing, you will realize that just being able to pen (type) down your thoughts can be very therapeutic in itself.

    Don't stop.. Keep the faith and keep moving forward.

  2. @Summer: Yes! Yay to that..

    @Det-res: Thank you for encouraging me :). It means a lot. Really.