Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Don't Need Another Hero....

You look at them in such a fond and genuine way and aspire to become one of them.
Their thoughts, their ideas, their creativity, their beliefs, the way they work, their ideals.. you soak it all in.
You look forward to your interaction with them. You want to be their person and try your best to become one.
Every once in a while you find such rare people and you wish your workplace had some more.

You defend them, you fight for them when people are berating your idol.
You dismiss their arguments and term them jealousy, insecurity and what not.
In your heart you defend your hero and you stand by their side.

Then, the day comes when you realize that what the others said wasn't untrue.
There was an element of truth in their arguments. How the idea of your hero was an exaggerated one in your head.

Well you are left to deal with the fact that your hero, the person you idolized, stood for, admired, appreciated, looked up to wasn't the person you thought he were. The imaginary palace comes crashing down. The bubble bursts and you come face to face with the reality.

Once again, you learn that your workplace is not the right place to look up to people anyway, You learn to not to idolize anyone. You learn to stop looking for perfection. You just learn to deal with it.
But, it remains.. Like a tiny crack in an eggshell.

With time and some more cracks later you only realize all this is nothing but just the repetition of history.

Yesterday, I heard someone out. She told me her story and how she had hero worshiped her mentor and how her belief crashed. I heard her out. Same story, different words.
Another one bites the dust, I thought. And in the distance I picture this scene again. I hear the same story, same words and same advice. It's only too human I thought. Maybe, it's a reminder that perfection doesn't exist which we just ignore. It's a reminder that heroes are humans and are flawed just like us. I wish it was different. Sometimes.



  1. I wish it was different too. :)

    Bringing someone down from the pedestal before they have a bad fall is a very mature process. Been there, done that. Yet, still there doing that. :)

  2. Yeah. Learning the hard way. Hero worship no one. Look up to no one. Everyone has clay of feet because everyone is human at the end of the day. The best way to safeguard from heartbreak is to understand this I guess.