Monday, May 5, 2014

Songs From The Woods...

While I was in Poona I used to look at the lines of Banyan trees with amazement. Trust me, I have never seen so many Banyan trees anywhere else.
There was something comforting about them. Old, tall, proud and strong, holding their ground, firmly rooted to their strong foundation. Canopying around like a huge green umbrella.  Roots flowing down to its epicenter seeking more growth to help it stand tall and strong.
No wonder it represents calm and wisdom.  Watching those trees was like a therapy for me. As if, some poetry in motion.

Every time I think about those roads lined with Banyan trees a lot of parallels come to my mind. I think that's for another time. Coming back to my point, I have become increasingly sensitive of the nature around me.
Every evening when I come back from work I notice the old, new, sturdy trees around me.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of having access to different types of fruit trees.
Plucking fruits from them, eating them greedily and feeling satisfied. In Germany, I went for strawberry, blueberry and apple pickings/ plucking not once, twice  but 7-8 times. The local family ( almost like my adopted family) took great care of me. They made sure that I enjoyed these simple pleasures. They were very surprised to know that my family  didn't own a single tree during  my growing up years. They had a huge backyard and just sitting there drinking herb infused wine made me so aware of the nature around me.

I still don't own trees. I have a few potted plants here and there. I tend to them everyday. A few days ago on a terrace I decided to grow bonsai trees/ plants to mark the biggest events in life.  I want to celebrate those events every year. I want to tell my grand kids stories behind those plants/ trees.

I want to grow trees. Lots of trees. I want to grow fruit trees and yes, lots of them. I want families to point towards those trees and exclaim with joy. I want them to show/ teach their young ones the names of those trees.

I want little kids to climb on them, eat fruits, sit there, build tree houses, have hiding spots, have their secret story sessions, invent games. Who knows, someday under the shade of that tree some kid might read a children's novel written by your's truly? or maybe I write one under that tree?

Hope, my friend is a wonderful thing..!

P.S: Songs From The Woods: 
An old favourite from Jethro Tull..


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