Friday, May 9, 2014

The Dream is Still Alive...

I am kind of fascinated with Buzzfeed these days. You Google something as random as "How to do xxsddkafgzvczlf"  and voila there you have your list on buzzfeed!
Of late I have really started enjoying those lists. Stop judging me. Will Ya? Internet is one funny place. There is so much out there. Soaking it all in can be quite a task.

Talking about internet, have you ever read the reviews? Gosh! The other day I was surfing around for a hand held sewing machine. Yes, I am cool just like that. I was browsing around for specifications and when I saw the review section I was stunned. 98.13% reviews were aimed to give bad publicity to the product/ service. Seriously, some people have all the time in the world to write reviews. Everything is apprised these days right from stupid mattresses to towels (Who would write reviews for towels? Go ahead, try me). Sometimes, I worry about my blog reviews also but then I am too narcissistic to let that affect me. I think every blogger is a narcissist. Probably the only reason why we love putting opinions, choices out there or to cut a long story short.. We Blog!

So, in the spirit of narcissism and Buzzfeed here's another list for you.
Things that I want to do in this decade:

1. Get a tattoo
2. Run a half marathon in 1:30:00
3. Learn to play guitar
4. Invent a dessert
5. Write, Write and Write
6. Attend more Pearl Jam concerts
7. Visit at least 2 South American nations (Cuba for sure)
8. Color my hair pink/purple/red
9. Compose a song -  My life song
10. Spend a month in Spain
11. Start a food blog (Not like my last attempt - Failed)
12. Keep dancing to "Light My Fire"
13. Drink the finest in the Highlands
14. Spend a week in Tuscany
15. Running an international half marathon
16. More paintings
17. Sky Diving
18. Read Lord of The Rings
19. A cruise, to the Caribbeans maybe
20. Live my life a little everyday..

Ah, life! I can't wait to look back in ten years..
Till then, I will continue with my ramblings.



  1. I also want to get another tattoo and would love to spend a month in spain :) :)

  2. @Jai : Yay! Tattoo buddies. Ok, I can see you getting all snobbish :).

    I am planning to get one soon as soon as I finish a marathon under 1:50:00..

  3. ha ha....

    Do you already have some design in mind?

  4. Cheers to this list and this decade! :D