Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shine The Light..

Hello You,

It has been a while since we have talked. It feels like a good day to talk. What do you think?
There's hope, anticipation, faith and freshness in the air. You can't really expect more? You seem indifferent.
You don't seem happy. The whole nation appears to be in a frenzy today. You look distanced and aloof.
What did you say? You don't believe in any of this right? Fair enough. We can at least hope for a better tomorrow?

It's a big day for you and I and for the others around us. A fresh start. We both know that there is no such thing as clean slates. The pasts are always stained and they are never black and white. I am aware of that. We need to believe, can you do that? It's a long way off and the actions might not impact us directly but someday they will. We can hope and dream for the country, the way we want to see it.

There is a magical realism everywhere. A self made man. A man who is getting ready to "Tea off" gives me a lot of hope. It reinforces my belief in a nation where I will probably spend the rest of my life.

I see people rubbishing off everything. They are tagging everything as "Right Wing Ideology". I couldn't care less about it. I don't care about Hindutva. I am not very religious. I don't take my Hinduism seriously. I have customized it to suit my needs and beliefs. I wish I could be more religious but I have made my peace with that. I can't even define this term if it comes to saving my life. I voted for a responsive government. I voted to fight against the social and political elite of this country. I voted because it made sense for me to vote for someone who did not believe in protests.
I voted because it made sense for me to vote for someone who had credentials, results and experience.

You might write me off as an over optimistic supporter. A day dreamer. An ignorant soul or maybe an arrogant one. Let me tell you something, we need this hope and belief at the moment. We all need to be inspired for our tomorrow. We need to do our bit everyday and every moment to get the big picture right. We need to be responsible enough along with being idealistic.

Hopefully I will link this post to a future post someday and will brag about my belief. Amen for that day!
Let me refill my coffee now.
P.S1: The world seems bright with lotus flowers and different hues of Orange & saffron
P.S2: The title is a song by the band Sugarland. I don't know how relevant, feels great right now..

Sometimes we jump into the great unknown
Some roads, we all will have to walk alone
But waiting there in the end is a heart that calls you friend
That's me, clapping the loudest, welcoming you home


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