Sunday, May 25, 2014

And This Bird, You Can Not Change...

I am often asked about my obsessive need to workout in the gym. I am often asked about my interests and how I manage to invest time in my hobbies. I am often asked about my writing. I am often asked about my passion for recycling and DIY's.

There are so many reasons for me to workout in the gym. Day after day. Time and again. Losing weight was my primary reason back in 2012 when I desperately needed to shed weight.. I think in the process I fell in love with it and now like a dutiful lover I can't just get enough of it.
About my other interests/ hobbies I want my life to be filled with them. I want to spend every idle minute thinking about them, talking about them, creating something beautiful now and forever.

But why, you ask?
My friend, when I am at the horizon I want my mind and my body to be functional. When the twilight comes I want to be mobile, alert and independent in every sense of the word. I don't want to be dependent on the others around me. I don't want to hold my kids back when it's time for them to go out and experience. I don't want to look at my young daughter in law and envy her of her youth and time.
I want to keep that fire alive and burning inside me till the very end.. Like my status message these days
"Keep a little fire burning; However small, However hidden."

Funnily, the other day in a group conversation we were talking about epitaphs and we asked each other about what have they thought of..
To be honest, I didn't have any words ( a rare occurrence) I never gave it any thoughts. I am sure about how I want people to celebrate when I am off. I want them to give me a nice farewell with singing, dancing, drinking and laughter. I tried too hard to think about my last words forever.. and I couldn't come up with anything. Maybe its a good thing. The focus is on living this one rather than thinking about what's next.

In another 10, 20, 30 years I will be busy taking appointments to get my hair colored (Purple only!)
I will squint my eyes more while looking at my phone. I might sober up in terms of my color choices a bit.
I might start wearing pearls (Yeah, that's my idea of growing old..!). I might start doing Yoga exercises. One thing is for sure, I will never run out of tasks/ things to do..

You must be wondering why I am writing about growing old, epitaphs etc etc.. I know I have already talked quite a bit about it not so long ago. I met an old lady in her eighties. It was pleasure talking to her. Active, passionate, full of life and very sharp for her age. She is quite fond of traveling and has been to so many places in the past both national and international. She was full of stories and I just loved the way she described things in great detail. I loved the way she told me about she explored things.
She loves her walks and her TV shows. It was a wonderful afternoon over tea/ coffee. I felt great and recharged.

I might not end becoming that anorexic model even after my compulsive exercising (My secret ambition). My blog readership might not even go beyond 15 (I have counted.. I swear). My DIY ideas might not be worth it.. I will still continue to invest my time, energy and resources in all these things.
In the end, its really not about the numbers but the life that we live in those numbers.



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