Wednesday, April 9, 2014

.. You may say I am a dreamer - Part-2..

Oh well..
I think its that time of the year when I see lots of little kids dressed up bright and fancy huddled together. I see them going from door to door. Yes, it is that time of the year when the lil kids are worshiped, mainly in northern India. I live in a fancy neighborhood. The people are pretty well to do and are a decent mix (not just the IT crowd) What really startles me/ angers me/ disappoints me is the fact that these well to do families have employed these lil kids as house helpers and then they have the nerve to worship them during Navratras.
Double standards anyone?

This does not end here. We also have a gym which is quite popular amongst the residents and also a grocery store within the complex. I see men/ women working out in the gym and then they go to the store directly to pick up the daily usual stuff. Not once, have I ever seen anyone carrying their own groceries. I have always seen their house helpers walking behind the Sahib/ Memsahib carrying their groceries. How ridiculous is that? We are ready to sweat it out in the gym but we cannot walk 10 steps carrying our own stuff.

Another thing that really makes me angry is when the temples play bhajans on the loud speakers.
I hate this commercialization of religion and I am scared that it is turning me in to a non believer.
The temples were about spirituality, calm, peace and quiet. These days they play bhajans on the loud speakers and to make it worse the bhajans are becoming more like bollywood billboards 100..
I don't understand why do they have to play bhajans out loud? What's the intent?
The irony is in the fact that the residents seem to be okay with all this loud bhakti and shakti..
The same set would probably kill thy neighbor for playing music out loud.

Yes, it is one of those times when I am really disillusioned with the people around me. People and their actions just don't add up. I see these ridiculous things and wonder about the times we are living in.
I don't understand when did we actually stop respecting the others? I try hard to understand the rationale behind the actions, words and thoughts.

Some days it gets better.  Just when I thought there was no hope left I was proven wrong today.
While going to work today morning in an auto-rickshaw, I was stuck in the mother of all traffic jams. I was looking at my watch and cursing everything and everyone silently in my head. The auto-rickshaw driver while fire fighting the other autorickshaws, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians swore a lot. I was so irritated that I didn't even notice his swearing. The moment I got off and handed him the fare amount he said..
"Thank you madam and sorry". I asked him why he was sorry? He replied in the most gentle voice that he shouldn't have abused the fellow drivers so much. It was wrong of him to do that esp with a passenger sitting in the back seat.
The whole episode made me happy. I forgot about the hideous traffic jam. The world definitely looked better at 9:20 am.

There was once again a ray of hope in my world.


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