Sunday, April 27, 2014


Remember  the time when we almost made it to Chail?
There was an itch somewhere. The restlessness of finishing that chapter. So after much planning we decided to set things right this time. It was a long weekend and the timing couldn't have been better.

On Friday morning I woke up to thundershowers, just like the last time. I guess it is becoming our thing now. Just when we decide to step out, it rains.. Must be a good omen. 
We left well on time and the first stop was Murthal for the famous parathas with white butter..
I was a tad disappointed though. The legendary Sukhdev dhaba was converted in to a food court with a "family-AC restaurant". This has just killed the character. I guess it was a pretty natural choice for the owner given the popularity but it kind of killed the spirit in the process. The charm was in its rustic-ness (If that's even a word).

The drive was fantastic. We stopped at B&B, another old favorite. It was just the way I had left it a year ago. The food was just the way I had remembered it. That comforting feeling of sitting there and soaking it in was perfect. It felt good to be there back again.
It was kind of like opening an old chapter from my favorite book and carrying on from where I left off..

With that thought we just moved on...
We left happy and recharged from there. We were more than eager to reach Chail.

Music, conversations, scenery, monkeys, munching, anticipation.. So much in the air. Four very different people traveling together made all the difference.

It was too chilly for my liking.. The drive couldn't have been more comfortable given the distance and height.

We reached Chail in the afternoon/ Early evening and after a quick shower we were ready to head out. The jackets were out. The shorts were discarded in favor of jeans and with our cameras we headed out.

If you have known me enough you know the fact that I hate walking. My mind kept racing back to the bar timings. I just needed a drink to cool off after an exhausting day.

The next day was windy, cold and with the sun shining through the dense trees. We hiked our way up, clicked pics saw the most beautiful tree house ever.. We came back and had the best cold coffee ever.

I can't really end this post without talking about the great Chail Palace. It was beautiful. It was very unpalace-like from outside and very very grand from inside.
It reminded me of the grand old days and hospitality. High ceilings, beautiful upholstery, very old school bar, royalty, beautiful tiles in the bathroom (Yes, I noticed that).. I think I soaked it in, as much as I could.

Very grudgingly, I packed my bags to leave for Delhi. We reached here on Sunday night and Monday was the toughest day at work. I kept thinking about those beautiful trees and sunlight filtering through them. The beautiful flowers, the sharp bends,  aggressive monkeys, those spooky nights, the eerie silence..

I am still recovering from my vacation and hope to get back to my usual self soon..

My unfinished business finally reached its conclusion and I think I am going to revel in that fact for a while...


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