Sunday, April 6, 2014

Espressing Feelings

"My green flask is resting prettily on my table. I am touching it to warm my hands every now and then. There is an odd sense of comfort in seeking out warmth under the controlled temperature.
The label on it says Nuremberg, reminds me of the life I left behind. I wonder in amazement about the journey so far. I think about the days of 30 sec coffee conversations.
I am sipping slowly and trying to savor each and every drop as much as I can. 
With each sip I am trying to catch my train of thoughts and make sense of things around me..
Life in these odd moments can be peaceful.. I think out aloud, still sipping my coffee.."

Every now and then people ask me about my love for coffee..
"Do you drink it black?"
"Isn't it acidic?"
"Black coffee *some weird eye expression*.. no milk at all?"
"Black coffee *some weird eye expression*.. no sugar at all?"
"Do you know that coffee is not good for your health?"
And several more...

I have enjoyed my coffee is every possible way. Coffee was forbidden while growing up. Ice blended coffees (or call them frappes) were reserved for hot summery Sunday mornings. During my engineering days, when the idea of pulling all nighters during exams was charming, I used to beat coffee and sugar to get that extra froth. I used to drink 2 cups in between my breaks. That's pretty how much I passed my engineering with FM radio, strong coffee, books and phone.
When I started working drinking coffee was more like a past time. The "IT" crowd drank coffee. I loved my coffee with lots of froth, sugar and cream. There was a time sometime in 2008 when I started appreciating the local flavors and produce. I was in Hyderabad at that time and loved drinking filter coffee.
When I moved to Germany. I was like a girl in wonderland. So many varieties, so many types, so many styles and I experimented quite a bit.

For the past two years I have been drinking the purest form of bean juice. Black and Strong. Brewed just right with no trace of sugar.
On hot summer days I put ice cubes in it and sip it slowly. Drinking coffee has been an integral part of life ever since. My day starts with brewing a cup. I have experimented with multiple brands, blends and roasts.

I enjoy my coffee. I will choose coffee over alcohol any given day and at any given time.
I don't think I am addicted but coffee does it for me. I have had the most mundane, passionate, futuristic conversations over coffee. I have written some of the most heartfelt posts here while drinking coffee. I have had the most intense and yet silent conversations over cappuccinos, vanilla lattes, macchiatos, espressos..
I remember talking about my dream of starting an NGO (for street kids) back in 2006 at Barista over cold coffee.

It soothes my nerves. With every sip I feel my nerves calming down. It has become a lifestyle for me. Beans attract me, I keep checking out different and fancy coffee machines. I love, love and love going to different coffee shops. I love a good cafe experience.. I still remember the quaint lil cafe in the heart of Madrid with red and turquoise interiors. I remember how excited I was to be there and to soak it all in.
Another experience that I keep thinking about is the one where I had Cafe'l orange with so many conversations in a quasi (probably more authentic than that) European cafe in Poona(ah, those lovely coffee evenings). I remember drinking 2 cups after a long walk and a good English brekker. I still remember the day clearly.. Sore legs (post marathon shin splints), handling(battling) lots of emotions at the same time, bright sky, drinking coffee at 9:00 am and talking my thoughts out loud.

Yes, writing about coffee and its importance isn't an easy job. Every now and then I get dreamy eyed and think about my retirement cafe somewhere far away (Amen to that).

In all honesty I think I have found my poison.. ( Sorry Gin and Tonic, you will have to wait another day..)

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