Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Very Shiny Happy Post...

I just finished watching Pursuit of Happyness and it has certainly lifted my spirits high.
I had watched this movie on a date (my first ever movie date..) back in the day. My first proper movie date and boy what a movie. I was a 22 year old, fresh from college, new lifestyle, new city and new ideas. I thought I was living the "high" life. Yes, I loved the movie then. I liked the concept and how freaking cool Chris Gardener was etc etc.. Happiness in those days was shopping, partying with friends (who I thought were for life), making weekend plans etc. Life was quite fun as a 22 year old. I had my own set of ideas, dreams and ambitions. Have I done well so far? Well it is relative I guess. There is no one answer for this. For some I haven't really quite ticked off some of the key society set parameters which define my success. For the others I probably don't even qualify to be a part of their success framework. In my eyes I have been fine. Yes, there are things I am not proud of but they are all mine. I have learnt from them.

Today when I watched it again I realized how very little do we actually need in life. 
The basic thing that we keep forgetting is how money is a means and not an end. Time and again people confuse money with happiness. A fat wallet does not mean a richer life. During my joblessness I realized that money was needed to function/ sustain and not for my happiness. The situations are never perfect. We can't keep giving excuses and blame luck for everything.. We need to be a part of the very system that we want to change. 

Coming back to happiness.. The last few months have been the happiest in a long time. I have loved, enjoyed and savored everything. I have had my share of challenges but then who doesn't? The Sun rises eventually. I have learnt to see happiness in small things. I have learnt to appreciate these small things. 
I feel happy when I cook my meals at home, I feel happy when I pack my lunch for work, I feel happy when I just lie down after a long day at work, I feel happy when I run that extra mile, I feel happy when I bake that perfect cake, I feel happy reading old letters, I feel happy writing about the most mundane things, I feel happy discussing the most mundane things, I feel happy just sitting inside the house and drinking coffee, I feel happy and touchwood for that. There are lots of reasons to be happy about and each one is important for my well being. 

I think being happy is more of a state of mind. Like they say, you are happy when your heart is in it..
Yes my heart and my head have been singing the same songs and that's something to be happy about..

There is happiness in my imperfect world, isn't that something?


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