Monday, March 31, 2014

.. You may say I am a dreamer..

Wherever you go, you just cannot escape political discussions these days. The upcoming elections are what is keeping everyone busy. It is that time of the year when news channels beat Big Boss in the TRP ratings. 

There is a lot of energy in the air. Everybody is ready to vote. People are making informed choices. It feels good. I like the spirit. I like how radio and TV are full of advertisements these days encouraging people to vote. I also like animated discussions which people start off with about the general state of affairs and what to look forward to. The general consensus around me is that people want to see a corruption free India amongst the other things.. I think this vision has been the single biggest catalyst so far in exciting, encouraging, convincing people to vote.  What really amazed me is the fact that how we expect our leaders to be just perfect.
A few days ago over coffee some colleagues were passionately supporting a candidate who condemned corruption on the national television. A week ago the same crowd was busy submitting the fake medical bills (Procured by paying 3% of the bill amount). My issue not with people doing unethical things to evade tax, submitting fake bills for per diem allowances. I don't do these things and I am not judgmental. To each his own. My only point here is with the expectation(s) that we have from our future leaders. 
We all have reasons/ excuses/ justifications for doing things that we do and we fight for them endlessly as and when convenient.

This blog post is not a manifesto for any party. I am also not supporting any particular candidate here. 
All I want to talk about is "We the People" and our attitude in general life. We crib for basic amenities and yet we waste water during the peak summer months while splashing it outside the house.. Can we justify that?  We all support Earth Hour with full zeal and zest and yet we forget to switch off the conference room lights everyday after our meetings. Let me clarify, I don't support this concept of Earth Hour. The problem with green activists is that is either 0 or 1. The concept of moderation does not exist. 
We proudly tell others about our foreign trip stories and one thing that nobody misses invariably is to talk about the cleanliness outside. Can we take pride in the fact that we have never littered in India?

My only point is we get what we give. Having these expectations just make it feel like one sided relationship to me. I think we all need to do our bit to make it work. Are we doing enough?

Deep down I just want more because I have been consciously doing more...
Yeah go ahead, call me a dreamer...!

P.S: There is so much more to write but expressing thoughts in words is not my forte..


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