Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This post was written last Saturday. It took me a while to publish it.. I was trying to find the right words to convey my emotions but then what the hell..! I am not good with words and we all know that...

Oh well, it is one of those rare weekends where I am not rushing to meet someone.
I am not hassled up about hosting a party. I don't have to get ready to eat out. I don't have to check items off my list. I am just relaxed and calm. I am just trying to be in the moment as much as possible. Oh well!

I enjoyed looking after my shrunken plants, I spent hours thinking/ conceptualizing the cake I wanted to bake. I spent time running. I cooked a new dish.. For a change I tried to catch up with my life.. 
It feels good.

While I can go on and on about my day and the importance of those trivial things but I am not here for that.
Today I was given a thought to think about and I wanted to share here.. 
"The comfort of the good ole' vs the new thing". 
Well, I don't welcome a new thing easily. I deny it, I resent it, I fight it, I loathe it, slowly I accept it..
For what's worth, once I am convinced about the goodness of new I accept it without any hesitation.

I have reached a stage where I crave for predictability and comfort of those good old things.. How quaint?
 I like how things (old) get boring at times. I think the reliability factor makes them boring. 
When I talk of old things I mostly mean pubs, cafes, drinks, coffees, diners, people, songs, phones, rituals, shopping places, and so many other things. The things like workouts, work, clothes, baking new recipes are strictly outside the purview of this post. 
I need those good things to get me through the hard days. Finding something new in those old things makes me very happy. Sometimes I just marvel at my ability to get attached to totally trivial things around me. 
 The old things are like those sturdy big trees which give relief in those hot summer days. I feel safe, I feel taken care of, I feel looked after, I feel attached. I gave it a thought and realized these "old" things wouldn't be so special without those special moments and memories attached to them. I guess in the larger picture it makes perfect bloody sense to me.

I keep writing about memories and moments. The people involved in them also make them special. I think they are the ones who make it special but then again I am too superstitious.
I already have so many posts which talk about memories and moments. I never get tired of this topic. People always say that you should look forward but I think my memories are quite important too. I guess its a good idea to keep revising them every once in a while.

A few days ago over  lots of round(s) I discussed my key milestones. I talked endlessly. I talked about the highs, the lows, Germany, Hyderabad, Delhi, Marathon, Love, Music, childhood, sibling.. 
In that very moment I had a fleeting thought of preserving that very moment to look back and reflect in 2024.
I promptly ordered another round, observed the other patrons, quietly sang "Someday, Somewhere..." and drifted off to my own little world of clouded thoughts. So typical..!

What do you prefer..?

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  1. The good thing about memories is that they do not change. There is a defeniteness about them - good or bad, doesn't matter. They do not have the capability to hurt or make one uncomfortable beyond a limit that one can think of.And of course if they are the good one's, they are always yours to cherish.

    People say that moving on is always the practical solution. Well, I differ on this thought. Perhaps, being practical is not my forte. And it seems, it is not your's either.