Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life as I have understood it...

I have never been obsessed with movies. I do like watching movies. I am very picky and choosy with my movie selections. I think I am a cinophile of the first degree.

I like the idea of packaging a story / idea / event in 2-3 hours and presenting it. I like the conviction with which movies are made ( I am clearly not referring to slapstick comedies..). I am not partial to any particular genre. The movies which make me sit up and think are the ones that are close to my heart.

The first Hindi movie that I watched in a movie hall was 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'..
Oh Boy! What grandeur, what richness, what a movie..! I fell in love with that movie at the age of 12 and never could really get over it.

For me it wasn't really about love. Yes, at the age of 12 love used to be about exchanging your pens / pencils.. The only thought running through my head at that time was how beautiful Europe was..
That was my first introduction to Europe and Switzerland in particular. For the first time in 12 years, I wondered about my future and if Europe was in it. That movie just did it for me. To this day, I am in love with Europe though I am not so fascinated with Switzerland anymore. It gave me a dream and I did live it for real. How really freaking cool is that?

Another movie which never fails to fascinate me is 'The Departed'. Every time I watch it I spot something new. The first time I watched it I got goosebumps. A story so unreal, and yet so real. Every character a shade of grey. No hero, no villain. I love this movie for its simple conviction and something very important that I learnt. You chose your place in life no matter what. You define your surroundings and your circumstances. You write your own story. Always. You always have the option of walking to the other side.

I don't think I can complete this post without talking about 'Forrest Gump'. Every person close to me knows about my love for this movie. If you have known me enough, chances are you know my exact reasons also. There are so many reasons to fall for this movie.. The movie is full of subtle nuances and it requires multiple viewings to understand them fully. The actions and music have conveyed so much in this movie.

The scene where his childhood love contemplates suicide to the tones of Freebird. She walks to the balcony and up the railing with the lyrics in the background "Lord knows I can't change...". 
One question that I always think about after watching this movie and subsequently discuss is:
What is more important in life? Loving someone unconditionally or getting that unconditional love?
(I think its too big a topic to discuss here. I need another post for this)

There have been so many learnings through movies. Its not that I didn't know about these things. The realization (enlightenment?) of these things hit me after watching these movies. I wondered and spent time thinking about all this and many such things. There is no way I am going to end this post without talking about two things..

First, every time I watch 'Into the Wild' something happens to me. It makes me go crazy. There is a lot of sorrow in that movie and it has left a deep impression in my mind somewhere. They all say that the movie is about solitary existence and bonding with nature. For me it is about the realization that Chris has in the end..
"What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?"In simple words.. Happiness is real when shared! That's not the only reason why I like this movie. I love it because of its cinematography. Ah, those brilliant far off lands. It gave me an idea of enjoying the raw beauty, loving wilderness and every once in a while challenging limits ( Something that we have forgotten about).

Second, Rocky- where do I begin? A classic underdog story which we all love. There are plenty of things to learn from that movie..

  • Size doesn't matter
  • Working with limited resources
  • In the end it is not about winning but going that distance..

and I am sure we all learnt these things from this movie. For me, the things that really stand out are
Everything changes in life. There is no one phase and there is no one season. Things change eventually for good or for worse, but they do.
Ah and I also learnt Eye of the Tiger.. Every time it gets tough on the road/treadmill I sing it in my head to log that extra kilometer..

It has been a very long post. Revisiting all those emotions wasn't easy. This subject deserves another post. All in good time baby.

P.S: Been a little busy and couldn't post as frequently as I wanted. I will be regular and that's a promise.

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  1. "What is more important in life? Loving someone unconditionally or getting that unconditional love?

    This line is making me think. A lot.