Thursday, March 27, 2014

......About This and That

The other day I was at the gym when I sensed a twitch in my neck. Of course, I didn't take it seriously. I went around the town painting it red (literally, Holi duh?).. I worked out every day in the gym and worked late nights at work. On Friday, my neck finally gave in. The last few days were very difficult. I cried every morning.

I hate to acknowledge issues which involve medicines, doctors and hospitals. I live in denial and when I reach my threshold I create ruckus for people around me. I think I should be more responsible towards my health and well being. That said, I am yet to take an injection (Something which I should have taken in December). Sometimes I think my main problem is my blood phobia. The first thought that runs through my mind at the slightest discomfort  is "Do I need a blood test for this?". I guess that only leads to denial and more denial.

Did I ever tell you that I always wanted to be a doctor? Probably, things happen (or don't) for the best.

What is really funny is that, even with this pain it turned out to be one of the most satisfying weekends in a long time.
I painted my second madhubani painting. I cooked different dishes. I read the whole newspaper (Something which I haven't been able to do in a long time). I also ran quite a bit(12kms) and in case you are wondering how.. I think it was because of my pain meds. I wrote a very long blog post. I also personalized my house a bit with my crazy DIY ideas. I like these nothing, planless, chill-out weekends.
I like this normalcy. I think I have come a long way from being a 22 year old who loved to shop. I don't think I have too many friends here in Delhi and I feel okay about that. I like this phase of acceptance. It is quite an achievement for my constant in-denial personality. 

Why do I like this normalcy around me? I guess mainly because I am a child of chaos. Things are invariably chaotic around me. I always crave for silence, peace and calm. In my world there's always something or the other happening.. Well this post is not to discuss "why-it-happens-to-me" so maybe I should not talk about it any further. 

The days are getting longer and warmer. The early mornings and late nights are still beautiful though. Spring is here and there is a lot to cheer about. I think I should just forget about my shoulder pain, doctors, hospitals and blood tests for a while and chill..



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