Sunday, February 16, 2014

Of Blogging Anniversaries..

I hope you have taken time out for me today. I wouldn't have it any other way. Not tonight.
It's been a long time for both of us and we need to talk. I want to talk and I want you to listen patiently. 
Look at us, smiling here under the receding winter chill of February.. 
Talking about February, it is the month of stories. conversations. events. celebrations.
More importantly, it is my birthday month so I am generally biased. I have too many memories and stories.
Amongst other things, this blog completed 7 years last week. Can you believe it?
I always wondered about how it felt like to be a parent, watching someone grow and growing along with your child. It would be fair to say that I have experienced my growing up on this space. I am sure you can say the same. You have seen me growing up all this while. Did you ever wonder about that?

I have shared so many stories, conversations, feelings in my own ways. It has been a fantastic journey so far.
There have been plenty of reasons for me to come here and write. There were times when I wrote out of excitement. Sometimes I just wanted a patient listener. I wrote for the others and more than that I wrote for myself. Yes, there have been a lot of reasons for me to write and each one has been important for continuing here..I can't take the full credit for writing for the past 7 years. I need to give credit to everyone around me including you.
You pushed me, nagged me, forced me and encouraged me to write. There were times when I was ready to delete this space with a single click but something in me kept holding back. 

I don't think that I write well. I have read some amazing blogs with perfect words and beautiful stories. I am nowhere near them. There is a lot that can be improved and with time I will be okay. Really Okay. 

I took sabbaticals from writing and got back sooner than expected. Let me tell you something, coming here and writing wasn't easy. It is never easy walking down that path again, isn't it?
There were times when I was clear in my head about what I wanted to write only to delete it all later.
Sometimes I just started with a blank page and some random typing about an idea as hazy as Dilli's fog..

I have written about my terrace sickness, feelings, issues, those long cold nights, joblessness, memories.. 
It felt great sharing all those.. How did you read through my stories/ posts/ chit-chat? 
I have been cryptic, vague, disoriented, incoherent, pretentious, self-indulgent, annoying in a lot of my posts. I am aware of it but for whats worth every attempt was sincere. There have been splashes of reality in my "fictional" posts. There were moments of truth in my lies. There was love somewhere in my hate.

I think you already know all this. You have seen me growing. Do you ever wonder about that impulsive child who started this blog back in 2007 after deleting a serious-story-fiction blog of 72 posts?
I think I have come a long way from being that kid who loved posting bike photos and silly poems.. Maybe for the better? Another 7 years from now I will ask you this question again.. 

There are various reasons for me to write.. Each one is special. The reasons will just keep growing hopefully this blog will too..  We will still be connected.. growing old!  I will write stories and you will read them, discuss them, criticize them, love them

Do you ever read my posts again and again? Someday you will.. I know! I just know..
I think I have written quite a bit.. That's the problem after meeting so long.. After the initial awkwardness you just want to keep going!



  1. Nice read this. Your posts from 2007 were pretty good - it is all contextual and how we change as we grow up / old?

    I like the initial awkwardness and being conscious by the way :)

  2. Lucky number 7, I say.
    Or the 7-year itch perhaps?

    We write because it's therapy. We don't write for others, we write because it;s our way of letting go of some things, or taking control of others. We write, because it is what probably defines us.

    And with time, much like wine, we secretly know that we're getting better too!

  3. Woah. 7yrs. :)


    This blog is special. :)

  4. You have been blogging for seven years. Wow! I think thats amazing. Well done and thanks for the link to this post. I enjoyed it.