Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life. Colors. Love. Colors. Live. Colors

** The ones who are too lazy to scroll down.. This is my second post for today.. The first one was this**

Some things are really important for me.. music, beliefs and passions..
All this while I never realized how colors also became an important part of my life..

If you have known me enough the chances are you know about my penchant for colors.
I was not always like this.. Somewhere while growing up I just fell in love with colors..

There was a phase when I only wore black.. Now, when I think of it I feel that I was putting up some sort of charade.. I was "that" girl in college who was "into" Gothic, death etc "Metal scene".
That also meant not getting any hair cuts (Parents were certainly happy, Win-Win), wearing black T-shirts paired up mostly with ripped jeans (Hours of DIY using a flimsy blade), leaving my hair open with lots of Kohl.. Yes, this was the look.. I was playing my part most days..

When I moved to Hyderabad for work..Monday - Thursday I had to put up with the charade of "Looking professional".. I was also trying to enjoy my newly found independence responsibly..
I mainly wore blacks, grey's and browns  to hide my growing bulge (Darker shades make you look slimmer.. #GirlsLife101) well and to be honest I also wore them as they required less maintenance.

A lot of the things changed then.. I started shopping with my own money, love happened, I was trying to become my own person.. A few colors slowly made their way in to my life..
I can't pin-point when I became so colorful. Vaguely, I remember talking to some chick from Chennai who passed a remark - " You north Indian girls wear bright colors and don't give a damn. You girls are fair so you think you can wear anything and walk the streets. ".. After her comment my whole and sole mission was to piss her off with my bright kurtas and patialas..

Soon after I moved to Germany, I was once dealing with a flat tyre.. A local family helped me out. They offered me water  Beer and a hearty lunch. What really impressed me the most was the fact that the lady was around 70 and was wearing red colored jeans with a sunshine yellow T-shirt..
I complemented her on her colorful clothes to which she said.. " It's a cheap way to feel happy, be happy and feel younger..." Somewhere it got stuck in my head and the following weekend I went and bought colored denims.. I guess that was my first conscious step in being colorful.
After that, there was no looking back. I kind of fell in love with colors..

My favorite color till date is Yellow/Orange and my favorite combination is Blue-green.. I think Blue and Green together just marry each other..
I love colors, I notice colors, I appreciate colors, I look out for colors..
The bright colors make me feel okay.. I feel good.. I feel happy.. I feel things under control..
I associate bright colors with happiness, emotions, intensity, love, spark etc etc..

60 years from now, if you end up spotting a 90 year old wearing red shorts and yellow tshirt.. just shout and she will recognize you.. Talk to her about this post and she might open her leather journal to look up this post.. ( yes, colors baby colors..)


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