Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hacking Life Every Other Day..

My energy levels are alarmingly low. It feels as if someone just vacuumed my energy out..
Oh yeah, you can quite call me demotivated at the moment.. A few odd things not going my way..
I am a very result oriented person, have always been that way. When a few odd things didn't go as planned it was enough to demotivate me. I can already hear ya cringing at the thought of reading this sulky post..

I know the drill here. After reading this you are going to tell me..
"I know that things always don't work out the way planned. Whatever happens, happens for the best" etc etc..

So, right now I just want to write and take it out of my system and be normal again. I have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working.. Workouts, baking, eating, drinking... I even tried to sort out my cupboard. I guess everyone on this space knows that I have "Closet Issues".. I am in a dysfunctional relationship with my closet for a while now.

A friend of mine shared an article on Flipboard with me to cheer me up -  "Life Hacks" .. Some of them were really funny.. and I kept on wondering about the things/ hacks that I do on a daily basis and sometimes I even think that I have invented them.. Here are some of my old favorites:
--- Before you order your drinks in a bar. Order for regular water and finish it before your drinks are served. Helps in fighting dehydration and also delays the process of getting drunk

--- To stop receiving spam emails/ marketing emails, just filter with the word unsubscribe.. I thought I was the first one to do this, it was already there in that Life-Hack manual..

--- A quick-fix for a bad day? Bake brownie in a mug, eat it and then sleep it off..

--- Keep small cinnamon sticks around the corners to get rid of the ants and other wriggly like a charm and smells great

--- Frustrated? Close the door, increase the volume and dance.. Will flush the frustration out of your system..

--- While traveling, roll the aluminium foil around your toothbrush's head and keep it. Don't have to be worried about getting it dirty(Personal favorite :))

I am tempted to make this a regular feature.. It is interesting!

Coming back to my demotivation.. My best friend took me out for a round of pints in a neighborhood cafe.  This particular cafe was red and yellow with dingy lights. A football game was on (Chelsea was playing) and I wondered about how and when I stopped watching football. My inner fire was ignited during extra time when John Terry scored the winner. Under those shady lights, we sat by the bar and ordered a couple of finest brews and flushed things out of our systems.
For a fitting end we decided to indulge ourselves at Starbucks..

A very wise man once said..
"Signed up for life, didn't read the fine print." Couldn't have said this in better words.
Life keeps throwing situations.. As for my part, I guess I will continue to hack these demotivated phases of life in my own little ways..



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