Thursday, February 6, 2014

..Drama, Music, Action and Magic..

I am a child of TV shows. I am not talking about the soap operas or Ekta Kapoor shows. I feed on American/ British sitcoms, drama and girly shows.. I have followed each and every thread of my favorite shows over a period of time. Episode by Episode. Season by Season. I have fallen in love, got my heart broken, understood life, created my theories, prophesied my theories and what not. It is just not about the stories or drama. It is also about the song in the background. It is a whole package for me. I have lived those scenes again and again in my head.

My first introduction to the phoren tv was in the form of Wonder Years. The coming of age story of Kevin Arnold. I already have a Post here. The episode where his childhood love/ friend Winnie moves out. The song in the background was Came out Swingin'. I had changed my school, a few friends from the neighborhood had moved out to a new city and it just felt sad. People moving on and I felt like the one who was left behind in all this hustle and bustle.

Back in 2006 when I got hooked to Greys Anatomy a particular song really caught my fancy.
Chasing Cars..  To this date, this song reminds me of beautiful days, getting to know someone, living in the moment, fresh love and what not...

I have lived these moments again and again. Every time I heard something familiar it made me smile..
The resemblance can be quite comforting. The fact that I could draw parallels from a situation in a TV show didn't make me feel weird at all. It felt normal.

Some of those episodes are etched in my mind. Some of the songs have become more than about music for me. I remember listening to Keep me in your heart for a while in Californication and falling in love with it.
The song was pictured on Hank Moody having a conversation with his dead friend Lew Ashby after finishing his biography. This song has been only about parting and remembrance!

I love music and love watching these shows again and again. There are so many things which have stayed with me. I think of them again and again. Every time I watch my favorite scenes/ Music it always brings out the same intensity of emotions. I think this is something magical. I have always been very involved with my TV shows and I have characters I root for..

Yes, I am the person who gets emotional after watching these episodes(at times purely because of the soundtrack). I think it is because I have a tendency to associate things. I love to draw parallels and I observe the finer nuisances.

What would be life without these dramatic moments? I hope you also find magic in things that you watch again and again..

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