Friday, January 24, 2014

Emotion, Expression, Melody and Words...

A 12 year old girl with her braided hair and colorful dress is battling with her English active-passive speech exercises with her tutor. She is way too conscious of her handwriting. His handwriting is perfect. Each and every alphabet is measured to perfection. He is teaching her the basic rules of active-passive speech.
She eagerly looked at the wall clock. The last 15 minutes were always reserved for the high and mighty. Keats, Shakespeare, Elliot, Frost, Emily Dickinson, Wordsworth etc .. It was time for him to recite something casually.. She always waited for this part. She noted down each and every word as if it was some dictation.. Her diary was filled with very fine poetry and her tutor's  grandfather's handwriting. Each and every alphabet was measured and written to perfection. At the end of his lecture there were always Ravalgaon toffees waiting!

Every now and then my mind drifts off to those poems written hastily in my diary.
There was a time when I could recite them all. I barely remember them now. Sometimes in fleeting moments I catch a phrase or two out of my memory. To be honest, this is happening to me pretty frequently these days. I never thought that poetry would be for me ever. I loved writing poems. I used to write quite a bit back in the day. Then, 90% of the times my intent was to get the rhyming right. I am feeling so silly thinking about it.

Why do I enjoy poetry so much?
I wish I had a straight answer to that. I was introduced to some quality stuff early on. The fact that I never took it seriously is another matter. For me it was something that I always thought that kids had to do while growing up. My life has come a full circle with my renewed interest in it. It feels good going through those poems again which once adorned my notebooks, diaries..  I have a lot of respect for poets and musicians.
It is not easy painting a thought with words. Anyone can write poetry, as a matter of fact there are no rules for writing poems. You can start your own style any day.
What I seek in a poem is the simplicity of thought, the fluidity of words, the intensity of emotions, the neatness of expressions and most importantly the connection that it strikes. Some of the greatest poems are written using every day words and probably that's what makes them special. Thoughts expressed in a minimalistic way.

Of course there have been  many life shaking events which have changed rather renewed my interest in poetry. I was encouraged also every now and then to remember, recall and recite these things.
It has played a significant role and has spiked my interest significantly.

I still love music and in fact I keep looking out for poetry in lyrics all the time. There is a thin line between poetry and lyrics. I don't know the technicalities. To me, poetry is more out of an experience. I think the lyrics are written keeping the rhythm in mine. With poetry, it is not the case the words form the rhythm.

I think I have written quite a bit. I hope you are still reading it. The subject has become very close to me in a short span of time. The flashes of a 12 year old writing furiously in her diary have increased too.
Someday, I will write too. I will write them in a dark brown leather hardbound journal. Maybe, it will become a part of my legacy too.

I leave you here with a quote by Robert Frost. He has summed up poetry perfectly:
A poem ... begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.... It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.
P.S: Needless to say, I am quite indebted to my grandfather for introducing me to a different world altogether.

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  1. Like the 12 year old learning poetry..and am sure the woman will definitely write one day :)

    Look forward to that leather journal..