Sunday, December 29, 2013

.. Time in a Bottle..

We all have reached that point in this year where we will reflect and wonder about the year that just whizzed past.. Talking about 2013 is the current theme at the moment. Please, bear with me yet again? I want to have my moment and pour my heart out here. I think it is that time when all of us become introspective and a little wiser.
It is really amazing how we measure our lives 365 days at a time.
Things change for everyone. Every year we set out with new resolutions, new goals, new targets. We try our best to achieve. Some of them we leave midway. The rest we don't even try. The cycle continues.

I had so many targets for 2013. I tried my best to work on them and looking back I think I did well.
It has been an amazing year.. I couldn't have asked for more.. It is/was the last year of my 20's and I had to make it count.

This year I learnt to be dependent for a change. I decided to let go.  I reinvented my passions. I developed new skills. I traveled. I tried to become the person I wanted to be. I am far from perfection but I learnt to be okay with my imperfections. I ran my marathon and finished it.  There are so many snippets from this year that it wouldn't be fair writing them all down in an order.
I had no bucket list, I had no plans, I had no agenda, I had no resolutions and yet it turned out to be a very fulfilling year.

Joblessness. Travel. Fitness. Job. House. Possessions. First piece of furniture. Poona. People. Blogging. Love. Baking. Painting. Sketching. Marathon. Losing weight. Making friends. Moving on. Writing. Friendship. Sickness. White Hair. This list can actually go on and on...

I am in a very good space at the moment. The year has been been very gratifying personally, professionally and spiritually. I picked up a job and my work was appreciated. I had a bout of illness which kind of sucked my energy out. I am still not perfectly fine but I am dealing with it little by little. I own possessions now and the feeling is too overwhelming.. I guess I have a come a long way from my Hyderabad days. There are so many things which I am still learning about myself and there's a long way to go.

The winters are long and cold but it feels good. Every drop of sweat in the gym make me feel alive.
All the feelings clouded in my brain makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The effortlessness of life is too good to be true (Touchwood). Having said all of it I think there is still a lot that needs to be figured, There are a lot of roads which I have to travel. There are so many experiences which I need to live.. For now I am happy, content and grateful with what I have and for what I have.

I think I am highly introspective today.The only problem with being introspective is that you don't know where to stop. I should really stop here. My I..Me..Myself chapter can just go on forever!

P.S: I think I would need another post for resolutions/ targets/ bucket lists..


  1. Always nice to have an amazing year :)

    On a side note, did I notice a reference to age?

  2. @Cynics Twist: Yes, feels good and I hope it continues..
    Well, age yeah! *sigh*