Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Sound Of Silence...

The mornings are nippy and the evenings are balmy. The Sun kissed afternoons feel comforting.
I keep looking out for meanings in everything. Sometimes re-reading them for a deeper meaning.
The morning coffee becomes more than a cup of caffeine. The bitterness soothes nerves in a strange way.
Every day I resolve to go for that perfect run. Every night I revise my plan.
The music signals the day. That one particular song lingers on deep like a good perfume throughout the day.
Between the first and the last alert I live every highlight. Sometimes I re-live those memories over and over again.
The meaning of EOD has changed. Every EOD feels special, thrilling, exciting, different and scary at the same time.
There is something to look forward to everyday. Conversations. Observations. Discovering. Learning.
It feels surreal to be in the moment. Every now and then I keep questioning it for its existence.
There is so much in the air. Framing everything in words just doesn't feel fair.
The silence does not feel scary anymore. It is louder than the spoken word.
There is chaos everywhere. Ironically it makes you feel that everything is in order, Everything!
My life at the moment is full of small things. Things that didn't seem important initially. Some call them rituals.  These mindless rituals have found their meaning, rhythm and place in my daily routine.
All these things change me a little every day. Sometimes I figure these changes and smile, sometimes these changes are pointed out and I smile.

The travel between Delhi and Poona bring new faces and new stories. New thoughts and new lives.
New opinions and new perspective. New causes and new beliefs. New faith and new philosophies.
I am trying to soak it all in, understand it, imbibe it and make some sense out of it. All of it has been too overwhelming for me. I take time out to process things. The last few weeks have been crazy. I don't want to miss any of it. Everything is etched to my mind. I want to bookmark these chapters. I want all of it. Anything less than 100% wouldn't just cut it right for me.

They say that I am good with my words. I hardly believe that. I love and hate words at the same time. Most times I am at a loss for words. The right words tend to desert me the moment I need them the most. Some things are difficult to express without any words. But then I don't think I should even try and look around for words. We all have struggled at some point or the other to get the words right. I should take comfort from the fact that these stories are mine.What I have felt and experienced is all mine. The words will come to me eventually and that day I will write too about the same things with the right words. Till then I just hope that you read through my thoughts just the way you have done so far.


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