Sunday, December 1, 2013

The road traveled - All 21.097 Kms

There was something about the morning today at 4:30 am. It just didn't feel like any another day. It was a beautiful morning. The crescent moon was ready to say goodbye. I was somehow not ready. The sky was as clear as it could be. The clouds which had gathered the night before magically disappeared into the wildness. He messaged to check if everything was in order? I tried to be nonchalant but failed miserably.

Soon enough it was time to leave for the battleground. It is really funny how time flies so quickly. I was thinking of so many months of dedication that I had put in this cause. He came to pick me up at 5:57 am. You must be wondering about my attention to the details here. I will come to that. Just hang in there with me on this page.. A word at a time please. It's an important day and I don't want to miss out on anything!

We reached the venue at sharp 6:30 am. On my way I read all the posters of 
"Pune International Marathon 2013". I was fidgety, nervous, restless, pale, awkward, semi coherent, lost, zoned out. My playlist was ready. The number 1632 was a broth of emotions. With the sound of gun I just marched on. Everything changed in that moment. Everything else became irrelevant. It was only about me and the road. Running a step at a time. I suddenly became indifferent to people around me. They say that to win you should run 100 mts but to experience you should run a marathon. I must admit that it is all true. I did experience it today. Every kilometer that I covered made me more aware of my passion for running, made me stronger, more motivated and more focused. It wasn't about leaving people behind. It was just about achieving my milestone. 

There were times when I was on the verge of giving up. There were points when my body just gave up. I don't know what pulled me through. Maybe the clear skies, the incessant cheer of little kids standing by the road side. The cheering of my fellow runners. The huge banyan trees. The traffic standing still waiting for the runners to pass. The crowd coming out of their homes to clap. People coming out of the restaurants to wave at us. The one above..! I think all these things just worked together and pulled me out of my misery. The pain seemed irrelevant at that very moment. With Sweat, grime, dirt, muck, blood, pain everything felt in order. All these things made this marathon larger than life for me. 

I have been battling with a medical condition for more than a month now. It has been a little stressful for me and for the people around me. I guess I needed this one for myself. I had personally put a lot at stake for this. It was my cause. My cause all the way! It was just another way for me to feel strong, be strong and act strong. Looking back, I am happy. I wouldn't want to change anything. I know I can do better and I will end up doing better than this. After all, an end has a start..! 
They always give you many reasons to not to run a marathon. Nobody talks about the reasons to run a marathon. We are all wired differently and each one has a story and a cause. What I can tell you is why I run.. I guess I have already posted a couple of times about that but I think I am excused tonight. I hope you wouldn't mind reading it again. I see you are smiling.. 
I run because it is a lifestyle for me. I chose this lifestyle and It is every bit mine. Every time I go out for a run I have a purpose. That purpose keeps me going. Every time. Running is a solitary sport. You are in it for yourself. You have you have your own records to beat and create. You never win or lose. I run for satisfaction. I run to live the journey between the start and the end..

Before I end this post I have to quote Robert Frost. 
This is from his poem - Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening:

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."



  1. No smart-assed comment about this post; it is lovely :)

    Just a question - no one came to pick you up, meet you etc once you completed it in 200 minutes? :)

  2. @Cynics twist: Thank you :)
    Well as a matter of fact, someone did turn up after 200 minutes. Probably never thought that I would end up finishing it in 140 minutes. I had to chill around for the remaining 60 minutes.

    It gives a good kick when you prove people wrong!

  3. Bhains ki aankh...... CONGRATULATIONS yaar.... Partyyyyy!!!

  4. Congrats. Very Inspiring!!! Keep going and best wishes for a speedy recovery of your medical condition. Take care.

  5. @Jai: Thanks :)
    @Priyanka: Thanks Sweety. Where have you been?/

    @Tanny: Thanks for all the motivation. Loved the strip.

    @Raghu: Why is this comment not surprising at all?