Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will I walk the long road.. ?

Have you ever noticed the patterns? The patterns that revolve around our lives? The patterns that govern us?
These patterns define our existence. No matter how hard we try to break away but we still end up in their web. I have been thinking really hard about this for the past couple of days.
Someone wise pointed out a pattern in my choice of songs. I denied, I denied and I denied but then I kind of accepted it. Deep down I knew it was true. It was a fact. I like some songs better than the others and I keep going back to them and I have my own reasons for that. 

I come from a school of thought which says that our destiny is decided. So could that be the reason for following patterns in life?
I have heard it often that history repeats itself. What is it? Patterns? 
There is nothing wrong with that. Patterns prove that everything is in order. They prove that things are going as per our plan, as per HIS plan, as per our story...
We encounter these patterns in our lives. They keep circling around us. They keep coming in front of us in different forms. Somewhere we also keep looking out for them. It is comforting to figure out these patterns around us. Fitting in to the patterns set by our families, societies, peers surely feels good. It comes across as a sort of validation. Maybe, somewhere we are looking out for approval and once it is validated it feels right. 

These patterns bring rhythm, they bring peace, they are even present in our mistakes. 
We all face a hard time in perceiving some patterns in our lives. I believe when we break out of these patterns it makes us stronger. We evolve as we fight our way through them. In my opinion when we
break patterns something radical happens and we re-write our story again. 
What is really funny is that as much as we want to fit in to those patterns, we wish to come out of them. 
You can't really connect the dots without following the patterns.

 Patterns, Patterns and more patterns. In our quest to seek perfection we end up following the most illogical patterns. I see that happening everyday with me and around me. What really hits me hard is that no matter how much I warn the others, how much I  give it all for their welfare, how much I try to prevent.. they get stuck in the vicious cycle.. Funnily, we instantly figure out these patterns in them and when it comes to us we continue to re-live ours.

Yes, my songs represent a pattern. My posts here follow a pattern.  I am living a life which is full of patterns. There are things which I haven't figured out so far.. Maybe, thats a pattern too..!
Someday, I will break these patterns and will write new stories and will sing new songs. 
The important question here is will I be able to break free from the patterns?
Another Day, Another Time we will talk about it.. 

What's your story?
P.S:  There is so much more that I want to write about and yet I am holding myself back. 
I have another post sitting quietly in my drafts. I have to take things out of my system. Slowly and Steadily. Baby Steps. I can't really give words to my thoughts at the moment. I am not even sure if I should try. 
I am not good with words and we all know that..! 


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