Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Whatever doesn’t kill me… had better start running

I think I spoke too soon about bouncing back for the battle ahead. The fact that the very next day I ran 18kms in 112 minutes (My personal best so far) doesn't help too much. I will talk about that run later.
I am down with a ghastly infection. I really don't want to bore you with all the tiny details. I am recovering. I am done being sick and it is time to be okay!

I know what you are thinking? Bad time to fall sick? With all the festivities around it did feel like an odd time to be not well. You really want to know something?  Amidst all the sickness it was probably one of the best Diwali's that I had celebrated in a long time. It was simple and calm. I cooked for  the people I love and there was a general sense of calm around. I watched two movies and one of them was Love Actually. I actually managed to have a teeny weeny baileys to soothe my nerves ( Of course a strict No No with my condition and meds)

I painted a bit. I wanted to do a painting Madhubani style. You think the after effects of my last post  are still evident?
The whole idea just didn't seem to leave me. Finally I did the only thing that I could do.. I started with the damn thing and now I am very excited.
I already have other projects lined up in my head.  I am headed to Poona soon and want to make the most of this week, my vacation to satisfy my creative cravings. Probably this is an escape from my medical condition. It makes me feel I am normal. It makes me feel in charge of things. I can plan. plan and plan more things.

Talking about my 18km run. It felt good. I could see my efforts taking shape. In simple words I could see the results. It was one of my intense runs and sort of an out of body experience. I felt like a machine on fire.
It was something that I wanted to achieve for a long time. I just hope to be okay for the Marathon.
I am recording every run, time taken, breaks etc etc and have been very methodical about it. It should count for something when the day comes!!!

I was discussing my story with someone when she said.. "Look at the bright side.. Who knows probably those 18kms could have made you comfortable with your training? You could have stopped pushing? "
I don't think that would have happened but after what she said, for a strange reason I am overly optimistic right now.

My life is a yo-yo at the moment. It keeps shifting from good days to bad days. I think I just need to focus on the good ones and suck something positive out of my bad days..
I think I just need to be occupied at the moment and keep doing things. I need to keep pushing..
I can just think of a few lines..
"My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -
It gives a lovely light."
- Edna St. Vincent Millay,

 I am awfully positive isn't it?  Told ya, I am infectious at the moment..!


  1. "you feel it on your fingers, you feel it on your toes.... positivity is all around you , and so the feeling only grows" ... yo yo hanni singha :D

  2. @Raghu: this comment doesn't surprise me at all./
    I wonder why? ;)

  3. ohh I knw.... guys like me are the reason why online stalking will never lose its sheen ;)