Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Another Day and Lots Of Emotions..

A beautiful Sunday morning. There is a nip in the air. YouTube is busy doing its job and playing the favorites. You stand on your hotel balcony. It is awfully quiet at 6:00 am. The phone is blinking nonstop. You try to stretch a bit to calm your muscles down. It feels like a good morning isn't it? The thoughts come streaming from all directions.

With time, age and experience I have started noticing and appreciating these little things in life.
There are so many things around me which have started making me happy. In the process I guess I am learning more about myself.  I know it sounds terribly silly but there are things about me which I never thought existed all this while.
Watering plants in the morning, Brewing my coffee in the morning, Acting snobbish on being served instant coffee, Keeping calm, overpowering pain, experimenting with my music, Writing my thoughts out loud in my drafts, Collecting things, Reading classic poems and the list goes on..

I really want to talk about the last two things in particular.. Collecting things and Reading classic poems..
I am a hoarder. I love to collect things that catch my fancy. My house is more like a museum.
As a kid I used to collect postcards of my favorite Hollywood stars. I had them all.. Arnold, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, John Travolta and the list is endless.
As a 15 year old I started collecting the cassettes because I had a very cool Sony Walkman. I bought it from my own savings. I started getting my cassettes recorded. I had a very "cool" collection which was very sought after. In college I moved on to the other things like books, earrings, colorful shoes etc
When I was in Germany I started collecting souvenirs - Mainly the shot glasses and postcards from all over. Apart from this I picked up paintings from the street artists. I got them framed when I relocated. My house is adorned with these paintings. There is a sense of satisfaction. I like art a lot. I don't understand the technicalities but I like my interpretations. Also, I have a story for every painting and that's what makes them so special. I am still consistent with my hoarding/ collecting things. I keep moving from one thing to the other from time to time. I don't know what am I going to do with all of it. One day far in to my nineties I will open my collection and show them a life larger than the one I lived? Maybe!

This post is becoming awfully long isn't it? I am not yet finished. I need your patience and your attention.
Talking about reading classic poems. My maternal grandfather taught me English when I was a kid. He was an English professor. He taught me beyond my syllabus. He talked about Shakespeare, Hemmingway, Twain etc. He randomly used quotes in his conversations..( In case you ever wondered about my penchant for quotes..)
He romanticized a lot of things. He was always talking about the great wars and the far off lands. Of course, I never valued these things then. I thought it was natural for everyone to be talking about those things. Looking back, I just cannot thank him enough. I think I always had it in my DNA. It has started showing up now. These days I am just full of nostalgia. I keep reading poems from my school days and get emotional about them. There are poems which have really changed my outlook towards life. Most of these poems are simple and yet so beautiful.
I used to write too. Sometimes I wrote about the lost causes and the other times just for fun. I  never took it seriously. Maybe, it will come to me someday and I will start composing again.

It has been a long read for you. I think I should stop it here. There is always another day, another time to talk.. I am a bit overwhelmed right now with nostalgia, memories and emotions.



  1. you were fortunate to have your grandfather ...

  2. @Deeps: Yes, I realize that now.. He is almost in his Ninetees and the quest to learn about new things is still the same. Isn't that something?

  3. Wow, indeed. Grandparents. :)

    And postcards remind me, have the postcards that mum bought for you been delivered or are they still here with us? :/