Monday, October 21, 2013

Through The Years...

Someone sent a forward message to me today..

"Sibling relationships outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship, They flourish in thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust"

I haven't read anything better than this in ages. Every word written above is true. Most of you know that I have a sister. Most of you know this also that we have more in common than just our DNA. There was a point when we looked alike.. well almost. I used to feel secretly happy whenever people identified us as twins but of course admitting it wasn't so cool. I have met so many people and lost many more but my relationship with my sister is something which has been rock solid. It has evolved with time and through phases. The reason why I don't write much about her is because I am superstitious beyond belief.
I have stopped writing about my people because it feels that somewhere it will just get jinxed! I know it is very silly of me. That is the reason why you might find fewer posts about the actual people in my life..
Then again, there are days when I read something and get a strong urge to write. The urge which is bigger than any superstition..

We spent lots of time together as kids, teenagers and now as probably adults. All this time has reinforced our relationship. It made us stronger.
Growing up, we had our own set of friends. My cardinal rule with these groups was that I could bring my sister to any event.. Every time I did that she was pampered too by all my friends.
Even to this date, she knows all my friends and all..
Whenever I need to know the ultimate truth/ feedback I turn to her.. I know that there will be no spite. It will be genuine. As genuine as it can be..

We have shopped together, we have rebelled together, we have bunked together, we have done those countless of things together and we continue to do these things every now and then. It feels good to know that someone is there no matter what!
Yes, we also fight.. We fight a lot and patch up too.. Fast enough.. I guess no relationship is complete without the fights. You get in to the biggest arguments and you find your way through the dark. That's how these relationships work... Also, I don't think we ever had any sibling rivalry. I want the best for her and I know she wants the best for me. That's the reason why we are always honest in our feedbacks..

I am so grateful that I have a sister who is also my friend. I don't know what my life would have been otherwise. She is my comfort pillow.When I was not well last week she cleaned my entire cupboard on a lazy Saturday morning while I was quietly sleeping after a night of coughing...( Didn't I tell you that I am a horrible cupboard person?) In return she asked me for home baked peanut butter cookies..  That night she was sleep talking-
"I will clean up your cup board in the morning .. but I am hungry now please give me your cookies.. I like them"
I wanted to bake the cookies right then and there. I wanted to wake her up from her sleep and give her those cookies..  I guess the cookies will have to wait until I get better!

I have not written everything here. I guess I can't and I guess I shouldn't even try. Somethings are perfect in your head but when you start writing about them you are at a loss for words. Maybe, someday I will write about her again and link this post. Back in the day, she used to complain that I never wrote a thing about her.. A while ago I wrote 10 sentences in a post and of course she wasn't happy with the title
 ( Soeur = French for Sister).. I wonder what she has to say now..!

Far in to the future we will still have our fights over blazers, pullovers, tshirts and not whatsapping enough.
I can't wait to grow old and experience it all..


  1. Which reminds me, you have my black linen blazer. you can keep that and in return give me the woollen one ;) :P

    I loved the post! :)

    It's such a breather from the running and cooking posts! these are cooler! keep 'em coming!

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  3. Nice post!

    Aditi says she is fed up of your cooking and running? Or is it just re the posts? :-)

  4. So sentimental...
    Who cares ??

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  6. @Addy: We can discuss it offline.. We can trade blazers with cookies I suppose?

    @Cynic Twist: Well, She is just bored of reading about them.. Jealous girl isn't she? I am sure she is not bored of the cookies..

    @Anon: The fact that you read the whole post and then bothered to comment answers your "Who cares"?

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