Thursday, October 17, 2013

Loving every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive, alive

Today at the gym it was a long running day. Since I haven't been keeping too well so I decided to hit the 10km mark and then head back. I had made up my mind to cut short my run once I started running. I was about to give up at the 7km mark when this song started playing and I just couldn't give up after that.
       'Loving every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive, alive
It gave me the much needed push to finish the last 2 miles. I realized this line is the very reason why I was there running when I could have bunked and enjoyed my time with a fat mug of coffee and some chocolatey brownies. I kept on thinking about the things that keep us alive. What would have been life without them? Boring I guess. Every time I meet new faces I am intrigued to know what keeps ticking them. It has become such an important thing for me. 

I have come to a conclusion that I cannot live a monotonous life.. I need things in my life to give me that spark. I need things to keep going. I need things to feel happy about. I need things to make me feel alive.
This life is all I have got and there is no way I am going to live it with my eyes closed.

Sometimes I wonder how these things also change with time. Back in the day shopping gave me immense pleasure. I was almost on the verge of being a shopaholic. It used to make me feel so alive. I loved bike rides but sadly it doesn't lift my spirits anymore. 
I know we keep evolving and we keep acquiring and un-acquiring things from our lives. 

So what makes me feel so alive, alive these days?
I love running and I love it a little too much. These days I am getting better and better. I can see the results. 
It gives me that rush which is hard to define.. ( Let's not talk about the hormones here please?). It is bigger than that. It is just joy and pure joy. I am so happy the days I run. My off days feel long and cold. Really cold! 
Baking is another thing that makes me feel alive. Every cake/ cookie/ brownie/ tart that turns out well is an achievement. Again, I have been on a baking spree lately and I just feel happy about it. I share most of my baked stuff and it just makes me feel happy. 

I have to admit that somewhere even writing does it for me. I am not there yet but yes I will get better.
I probably don't structure my sentences well. I use some words repetitively (Well, Just.. etc etc). I cant even write a post coherently but I kind of like the idea of penning things down. I like the idea of expressing. I like the idea of sharing.
Once upon a time, I really wanted to publish a childrens book. Thank god I didn't do any such thing! I am probably not cut out for \fairy tales. The best things/ pieces that I have written so far are very grim, abstract and hazy. Not very children friendly I believe?

There are countless other things that make me feel alive and probably I would not do justice to them by writing about them here. So I guess let them be in my head...
A very wise man once said.. 
" Every day is a good day to be alive..."
I couldn't agree more. 
Far into the future when I am 90+ and running marathons I will still have things to make me feel alive. Maybe, the luxury of a peg here and there, Chilling out with my grand kids, Eating Tandoori chicken once in a while, Finishing the whole chocolate bar...
I don't think I will ever be ready to hang my boots. There are too many things to keep me going!!

What's your story? What keeps you going?
P.S: I am addicted to the song... Quite a contrast no?


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