Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn

We all talk about learning new things. I talk a lot about learning new things on this blog.
Have you ever wondered that nobody talks about unlearning things? That's never the part of the deal.
When I joined this job I realized I needed to unlearn whatever my few odd years in the industry had taught me. My mind started working immediately towards that. I don't know what really made me do that.. My joblessness? My Eagerness? I unlearned for my new job. Looking back, It was a good decision.

Every now and then I meet people. I realize that some of them are prisoners of their baggage. They are eager to learn new things, experience new things and enjoy new things but I guess they forget to unlearn.
We all know a little too much and probably that's the reason we miss out on the small things in a new place/ environment?
There is also this thing that we forget that nothing is perfect. So we forget about the imperfections of where we are coming from. The moment we are in the new system we try to enforce our culture, our previous learning's and in the process we forget to embrace the new thing.

The process of unlearning is challenging. Moving away from something that you have known or acquired is difficult. Letting go of your knowledge is difficult but equally important to learn something new.
I guess you have to be open, Your judgement should not rely upon the weight of your previous experiences.
There is always another side, There is always another perspective, There is always always another rainbow.
Sometimes I feel that the societal norms makes us rigid in our ways. The feeling of letting go and learning something from the scratch is a bit unsettling. The general norm is that you become intelligent by acquiring knowledge and not the other way.

I was just talking to a friend about unlearning and got a very valid point from her.
According to her the eagerness to unlearn comes from the passion to learn something new.
When you have the fire you will unlearn too. That point again got me thinking about the fire that resides within. I think that calls for another post.  What do you think? It wouldn't be fair otherwise. There is a lot that I want to talk but like I say All in Good Time.. Till then I am just going to wonder in my head.
 Do I have it( The Fire) in me? Do you think I would be able to let go of everything? Do you think I have the desire the learn?................

So many questions!!

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  1. bingo...
    and that exactly is the way to live, celebrate life...
    but easier said than done..