Friday, October 11, 2013

Endings without stories or Stories without Endings?

Last weekend I saw the movie "The Lunchbox". The movie is fantastic and I just loved it.
Don't worry I am not really here for the movie review. What really caught my fancy and hence this post is the way it ended.

There was no ending to it. The movie ended and it somewhere left the door open for possibilities.
It left some space for interpretations or should I say possibilities? I was kind of hoping for a happy ending where the protagonists end up with each other. The movie ending with a scene of those two and their life in Bhutan. The movie just ends!

When I came out of the theater a lot of people were disappointed probably they all were rooting for the same thing. When I sat down for coffee I really gave it some thought. A story without an ending is okay!
It should be acceptable isn't it? Life isn't always binary. There are so many things involved. The endings can lie somewhere between good and bad.  Why do we have difficulty accepting between 0 and 1. Why we can't just live in a world which is between 0 and 1, black and white, yes and no.. Accepting two sides of an argument doesn't come naturally to us. Why do people always seek for closure? Probably the sense of closing a door gives them satisfaction. Why can't we leave stories hanging? I feel that sometimes it is more about the story than the "Happy Ending".  One thing, in our quest for "happy endings" we don't focus on the beginnings. I am okay with stories which don't have endings ..In my world it is perfectly fine.

I was talking to a friend about the movie and she didn't like the way the movie ended. I gave her my argument and asked her why. According to her, we watch movies to forget our misery for a while. To imagine larger than life things, to live in a world where everything comes together in the end. So, it was hard for to digest the ending. I told her the exact same things that I have written above and she didn't quite agree. The stories are meant to end and that's why they are told.

Fair enough! we all have reasons.


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