Friday, October 25, 2013

A piece of me..

After a long while I am up here posting at this ungodly hour. For someone who is normally dead asleep by 10 it feels late. Tonight it just feels good. So, what the hell I am just going to post it.
It just feels like the old times for some reason. A Deja Vu feeling. There is familiar music on the radio to give me company. With the cake in the oven, the cookies prepped to go next, a mug of coffee.. It all feels good. I am just trying to soak it all in. I am ready to pour my heart out here. I still don't know what I am going to write about. It feels familiar isn't it?

I feel good today. After a bout of flu I think my body is ready to get tougher for the battle ahead. The last ten days have been difficult with the night long coughing and oversleeping in the mornings. Two days ago, I thought I was ready to hit the machine and to pump iron. I thought of stopping at 3 kms.. To my surprise I couldn't run after 1.7 kms. A wise man suggested to listen to my body but I never bothered. It is good to have these reality checks every once in a while. Today I was ready to run the distance and I did.
I haven't felt this strong in the last couple of weeks. Determination is a wonderful thing. It does wonders to your well being. I need to get better for the battle ahead. My time is running out.

What else is happening with me?
I have baked an outrageous chocolatey chocolate ganache cake. The cake and the cookies aren't for me but it feels wonderful. I have eaten kilos of batter and now I feel guilty. All of a sudden I feel allergic to chocolate.  For someone who is running two marathons soon it isn't healthy isn't it? Talking about my marathons.. people often try to reason with me regarding the marathons. They want to know why. They want to know what's in it for me to fly between the cities for a marathon. Well, we all dream. We all have passions. We all want to open those cute coffee shops and what not.. I need to believe that these dreams aren't rubbish. They will take shape and will become true stories. If I don't run these marathons I will never be able to open that cute coffee shop. It's a chain reaction. When a dream becomes reality you try to work on the next one. It's a five year old dream and I have to make it happen.

Writing it all here feels good. The feeling that you are reading (and probably nodding your head in approval ) makes it very nice. Remember how I used to give updates from the shoe town back then? It all feels like a different lifetime now.   Every once in a while, something reminds me of those days and I just smile. Tonight it is one of those days and I am filled with nostalgia, memories and emotions.
That little town will be mine, someday!

P.S: Someone pointed out how my posts have changed over a period of time. He thinks that I don't write much about what I did or about my weekend plans anymore.. In the process of keeping things discreet I am giving away more of "me" in my current posts. Interesting observation? I never thought of it this way! What do you guys think?


  1. I was indeed smiling and nodding my head in approval.
    As for the marathon and dream coming true chain reaction, so true. Good luck and keep us posted! :D

    P.S. - Smart observation about the change in your writing style. :)

  2. @tanny: thank you!! Yeah I had to revisit some of my old posts to see what he really meant... :)

  3. did someone mention coffee shop?? shit.... mera retirement plan chura liya :( .... and yepp , tht FLU bit is actually true .... that what infects u and leaves u ...only makes u stronger ..... keep rocking

  4. @Raghu: Yes, don't we all have those crazy dreams?
    yeah, the FLU is pretty annoying and yes I think / or would like to believe that I am stronger now!!