Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts and More..

Have you ever wondered about the random thoughts which float around in your head?
The random thoughts which cloud your mind day in and day out. The thoughts which are unguarded and daring. The thoughts which make you happy. The thoughts which make you sad. .   

These thoughts they come to me every now and then and yet every time I sit in front of the blogger I am clueless. These thoughts dance in my head and yet I am at a loss for words while writing about them.
They come to me when I am on the road amidst chaos and yet alone. They come to my head while I am running and listening to my songs. At times when I am baking with precision my mind wanders off to the thought-land.  Sometimes over a barman's pitcher I see them fluttering around everywhere. There are times when they come with a lightening speed and they stay on till they run their "course". 

They come to me like unannounced guests. They stay in my head like a tourist always rushing to leave. When they leave I behave like a jilted lover. How I wish I had some mechanism to capture all my thoughts. A slideshow of all the thoughts would have been so cool? 

The best part is when you are with someone you can talk to over a pint or two. You can just pour your thoughts in words. There are no pretensions, there is no filtering and there are no restrictions. You talk simple and straight. Ever wondered how free flowing these discussions are? One discussion leads to another and before you know it you are light and happy. All the shady fundas take shape under the dim lights. 

I often think about these countless thoughts which are sprinting in my mind always. My inability to write about them could be because of my need to keep them separate or private from the rest of the world. 
It is like being a part of some exclusive club where nobody else is allowed. You own the place and you own the moment. Isn't that something?



  1. that’s with some substance ….
    Thanks for this one

  2. I read somewhere that a human being has, on an average 60,000 thoughts per day.

  3. U know from the last two or three blogs, you are putting the exact thoughts which are passing through my head ;) ;)