Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Remember The Time..

I have mentioned time and again how it is time for me to move on and how my life is ahead of me.
There is some part of me which keeps looking back all the time. All the bloody time. No matter how hard I try I just cant seem to get over it.
I keep turning back to see the roads traveled,The paths covered and the miles reached. Is there anything wrong with that? Nay, I would say! It is important to look back and reflect on the things from the past.
Yeah, getting stuck in the past is not very healthy though. I think every once in a while we should pause and look in our past. A lot of our present day questions will get answered. It helps to set the perspective right. Talking about questions, do you ever question yourself? I keep questioning reality every now and then. No, I am not cynical and I don't get panic attacks.

Why am I talking about looking back? Well it's been a year since a new chapter of my life started.. ( Actually I should write "finished a chapter" but that sounds depressing. Eh? ). So today I thought about the last one year and thought hard. I have cribbed here like a little child in the last one year. Looking back, I think it changed me in a good way and it wasn't that bad. It just made me stronger. It has been a year of learning and unlearning ( The "unlearning" part was more difficult). I thought my life had hit a dead end but didn't realize that it was making me stronger by the day. I decided to not to give in and that worked.

Looking back, I reinvented my passion for art, I did crafting, I read books, I traveled, I blogged, I worked out, I learnt the value of money. All in all I did well. It was a good learning experience and something which I will keep going back to. Of course I couldn't have done all this alone. The select few were there at every step of the way.
I guess I will be forever indebted to them. They helped me stay tall and strong with my head up and high. They know my story. They know my songs. In their own little ways they eased out things for me. Slowly and steadily. Don't believe me?  One of my closest friends from Hong Kong messaged me every day. Every single day. He still does that. My girls from Germany never let felt the distance. MG gave it all..

A year later things have changed for the better. I am in a much better place, doing good work, traveling a bit, still hooked to my art and crafts, painting, reading and running. I would have never been able to achieve all this had I been stuck in the past. I still go back, think and smile but I snap myself out of it quickly.
Every time I turn back it plays like a black and white movie silent movie. The best part is that I don't live in it anymore..


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