Saturday, September 28, 2013

..Carry On My Wayword Son.. For There'll Be Peace When You Are Done..

There is a sudden spike in my social interaction these days both personally and professionally.
Between Delhi and Poona I have met a lot of new faces. . I was busy hiding in my own world when life shook me out of it. For a long time I was in a phase where letting new people in wasn't part of the deal. I am not being snobbish here. We all have those odd phases every once in a while. Let me tell you that I wasn't ready for it.  I even resisted a bit but what do you do when life throws situations at you? You wear your best and march on! That's what I do and that's what I did. I realized it was my time to come out of my hiding. It was my time to move on and be the person I used to be.  I guess that's what we all do. Fighting the reality isn't a solution. You end up missing the moments. You end up missing out on life sometimes.

Coming back to the new faces.. Some of them have become more than just faces in a short span of time. I don't know if it was time or life that made it possible. I am really not sure if it is normal but it feels good. It feels happy and that should count for something? I really don't know if these faces are for real. I am not sure if they will last through the winter. I am not sure if we will last through the winter. You know what, I couldn't be more bothered about these questions at the moment. A very wise man once said..
"Let Everything Happen to you
Beauty and Terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final"

I think I can read the questions running through your mind at the moment(Blame it on my midnight coffee).
I know that you want to ask me several questions. When and how did we meet? When did I stop using their code names in my head? What made them different from the countless other faces?

To answer your questions I will have to tell you stories. There are a lot of stories. There are lot's of good stories. The stories where someone said something and it stayed on. The stories where someone used a sentence and I immediately thought of my blogpost from 2008 where I had written the exact sentence. The stories where someone offered me food when I was not well. The stories where we imitated people and then laughed like crazy. The stories of passing those odd smiles on dull days while sitting next to each other. The stories where someone gave me the most beautiful looking bottle ever. The stories where someone gave me apples when I was struggling with my stamina on the treadmill. The stories where we walked and talked about everything under the sun. The stories where we talked using our own code words. The stories where we talked about the grey things. The stories where we talked about music and more music. There are countless other stories too but there is a time and place for every story. I will tell these stories too when the time is right.

A couple of years down the line I will read this post again. I don't know how are things going to be then.
I might end up laughing (at my stupidity) for believing in these faces or I might end up sharing this post with the new faces (Old faces by then..) to tell them about my state of mind (now).
I guess the journey has just begun and is going to be worth for its own sake. What do you think?

P.S:  After a long time I am using a song title as my post title... A little musical at the moment.
As per the old rules.. Since I have mentioned the song in the title so here is the information:
The song is by Kansas and I think it is about a person with a mission. Different people have different meanings..Some say that it is about Icarus. I can't really explain my meaning. At the moment this song makes perfect sense to me and hopefully to you as well.


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