Tuesday, September 10, 2013

...and miles to go before I sleep

In this post I will just talk about running. Please feel free to close the tab if you aren't interested.

I have been often asked about my passion for running. It is difficult to make people understand what it means to me. I guess I wouldn't be able to do justice to this post but what the hell.. Let me give it a try..

I run because it liberates me. It makes me feel alive and active. Maybe it is the chemical reaction of hormones and what not.. It just makes me competitive. It brings out my best. The best part about running is that its a competition that I fight within. There are targets everyday and it feels good to achieve them.
I create records and then I beat them. I feel like a winner every single day. I run my best even when there are no spectators. It is not about winning a marathon. Frankly, I would be running 2 half marathons this year and my only aim is to finish them under 2:20..  My passion for running is larger than running a marathon. It is larger than the need to finish them under 2:20. It has become a way of life for me. It is a way to tame my mind.
I am not a good runner but I am certainly better than what I was a few months ago.

People sometimes throw attitude. They confuse my need to run everyday with some obsession of losing more weight..  They couldn't be more wrong. For me it is about testing my limits, It is about my sore legs and odd hour cramps, It is about being lonely with my thoughts for company where I am untouched, It is about pushing beyond my comfort zone, my mind pushing harder when my body has given up, It is about my need to strengthen every atom in my body.. It is about the songs that I sing. The pain that I experience. The stories that I tell. The emotions that I feel. There are infinite reasons to run and each one is important.

I am getting better at my running with every mile that I cover & with every run that I finish. I have experienced the runners high. I have hit the wall. I know the joy of finishing every run and looking back with pride. I know how finishing every run feels like winning a war.
I think the best part about running long distance is that even when you sure of not winning you still end up giving it all. You are not there to beat the best. You are there to beat yourself. The satisfaction of making it to the finish is what drives me every single day. Overcoming the injuries, the soreness, the pain just makes it worthwhile.

After finishing a long run everything feels insignificant. There is a hollowness inside and that carries you back home. You hear songs in the air. The happiness of accomplishing/ finishing just makes everything sweet.
I like my post run meals. I like looking at my timing again and again. I like my soiled clothes. I like the sweat.

Running has been a big part of my life and will continue to be. It has taught me tolerance and perseverance.
It has made me stronger. It has showed me how to pour my heart in to something.
It has changed me for better I guess..

I am a long way from being a good runner but I am getting there. I am learning everyday. I am taking baby steps. One day I will be a very good runner and I will brag again about my marathon timings, bruises, tan, blisters, toe nails, calf muscles etc..

Hell it has been a long long post...! You need some peace and I need my midnight coffee...


  1. inspiring.
    I felt my legs trembling on the thought of running.

  2. @Unknown Anon: Initially it does.. Then it becomes your second nature :)

  3. Midnight coffee really? :-)

    Nice post though, totally understand the sentiment you express about what running means to you..

  4. @Cynic Twist: Thank you!
    And the midnight coffees are good they still make you feel young! :)

  5. I know the feeling a little too well :)

  6. keep it coming ji.. U r almost there....