Sunday, September 15, 2013

.....Keep me in your heart for a while..

It has been a while since we have talked..! Take a chair and sit down. Your restlessness makes me nervous.
I have talked about a lot of things here. Right from my lack of beliefs to my music choices. 
Let's just talk about the normal things for a change. The way we used to back then.. A little part of me always craves for normalcy. I am aware that I wouldn't be able to do justice to normalcy.
We have come a long way haven't we? Yes, we have walked quite a distance on our own and with each other. We have seen the worst.. How bad can good be? Sometimes I wonder about the randomness in my life but then I look around and feel it everywhere. I feel normal when I look at the randomness around. It makes me feel that all is well in my world. 

It feels we have some talking to do after so long. You look so distant and unreal today. Tell me your story. I am here! I can't give you a solution but I can hear you out. I have lots of stories to tell you. The sweet ones, the bitter ones, the painful ones and the beautiful ones. They are all my stories. I have lived these stories. I have experienced these stories. Someday, when I write about my life I will write about you too. I will write about our conversations because they are important to me. 

I have so many questions for you. I want to fill you in with my questions. I am not worried about the answers for I know they will be honest. Talk about your life, I'd like to know. Talk about your passions, I'd like to understand. Tell me where all have you been, tell me about the major decisions of your life.
How do you take the big decisions of your life? Do you still take the logically right decisions or have you switched to "what feels right" decisions? I think you are very uptight to follow the "what feels right" path. I also think you always settle down for the safest thing in life. Let me tell you something that I go by what feels right. How can a feeling be wrong? The best part about the what "feels" right decisions is that they are yours. There are no regrets. The mind questions the decisions at times but then they belong to you. There is no harm in being safe or sticking to the safest thing. I guess it is too comfortable for my liking and of course there are a lot of  "What If's". My life isn't figured out so well like yours but who needs it anyway with all the chaos around?

Do you regret the paths not taken? The words not said? The feelings not expressed? You always get chances in life. I hope you get to undo all of it. I hope you end up making things right the next time for your own sake. I hope you get your magic moment. I hope we get our magic moment. They say there is a time and place for everything. I will wait for that day when you make things right and we will have a conversation again about your feelings and my feelings.  I am sure our paths will cross soon !!
Someday when I write about my life, I will write about it too..
Till Then,
keep me in your heart for a while? 

P.S:  Another boring, abstract fiction story post?
A little too emotionally exhausted after watching a few episodes of Californication. I also saw a bit of The Time Travelers Wife. I am just trying to capture all the stories and emotions in my words. 
Maybe a little too vague but I am not quite good with words and we all know that!


  1. @Deeps: Thanks for reading it through! I hope it wasn't too vague!

  2. I thought it was a beautiful post, maybe because it resonated with me..

  3. @Priyanca: Thanks!! It means a lot to me. I guess that is any bloggers motivation to write isn't it?