Friday, August 16, 2013

Some People Pray, I Turn Up The Radio

What do you do when a song fills you in? What do you do when it settles in your DNA? What do you do when it starts making you feel complete in that moment.
Does it ever happen to you? How can a few lines just make you feel so perfect in life for those 5 minutes?
When your mind wanders you keep going to those lyrics..You keep repeating them in your head.. You keep deducing the meaning again and again.. What do you do?

How does your mind work? Does it picture things from your past or your present? Do you get goosebumps after hearing a few lines from a song? How do you deal with your music?
What kind of songs do you like? Do you like to put a song on repeat for hours altogether?
If you were to play an instrument then what would you have picked? If you were to sing a song then what would have been your song?

I just keep wondering about what has music done to me.. I live my life in music. I think in music. No matter what situation I am in.. I have a song ready in my head.
My mind is off to my current favorite song. My fingers are dancing to the singing of the keyboard. I keep asking this question what has music done to me? For starters, it has made me richer..

 You must be wondering why am I here.. I am just happy.. I am singing today after long.. I am streaming songs after ages today.. I have even charged my iPod.. I suspect that it has got to do something with my being in Delhi for a few odd days.. Funnily I never thought that it would make me so happy.

It is fairly late by my standards. My eyes are swollen but my dancing fingers are too happy typing and listening to some good ole numbers.. I think some songs just get me. In my head they sound so very perfect.. I keep wondering why I keep getting attracted towards music.. Maybe it is the fluidity of the words, rhythm and emotions..

Someday far in to the future, when I am off to a better world I want people to sing songs to bid goodbye to me, I want cool bands to come and play the doors covers, I want it to be a party. I want people to celebrate the life completed, the circle getting completed..

Till the time that happens I want everyday to be better than the last one. I know it is easier said than done. Some days are just shitty. Plain shitty. I really want to get up in the morning with only one thought that it is going to be the best day of my life. I think this is my aim for the year ahead. I am done with whining, sulking, cribbing etc at least for the time being.

Talking about music what could be a better song than "I am Mine"
"I know I was born and I know that I'll die
The in between is mine
I am mine"

Again, I have posted these lyrics somewhere before..

P.S: You can't blame me for being overly cheerful. I am sitting at home and typing this :)

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  1. When a song speaks to me I play it on a loop for days! I like your perspective to make everyday as the best day. Enjoy Delhi.