Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ramblin' On...

I just wonder sometimes about the multiple lives that we lead in one lifetime. The Stories that we tell ourselves and to the others. I guess it helps us to cope with the day to day stress. I don't know what happened to the other ways of coping up. There are people everywhere living lives so different from the real picture.

There are a few odd days when I hit the gym in the evenings. Last night a Man Monster was there.. He was busy talking to the trainer the whole time. He talked about his book release and how he thought of helping the poor by distributing his books - seriously? He then talked about how disappointed he was because his dad didn't give him his BMW to drive but some modest car ( worth 15 lacs). He kept on blabbering about his lavish holidays to fancy locations.  He made noises which vibrated the whole gym. I was really annoyed initially and then during his non stop blabbering I realized that may be he was telling these stories to comfort himself.

Some colleagues of mine here are obsessed with Facebook. It has become an ultimate validation of sorts for their existence. People have stopped experiencing things. The virtual life has become EVERYTHING.
They go to places to put it on Facebook, To do virtual check in's, to put unlimited pictures there.
Whatever happened to the good old way of keeping in touch. The constant need to refresh pages to check for comments and likes is a little too irritating. Someone made me send a picture on whatsapp at 1 in the night because it was "important" to upload it on Facebook. It is another of coping up for some. People experience things for their "friends" on facebook.

Why is it so important to be cool? How does a few likes or superficial comments can determine anyone's self worth?  Who am I to blabber here? I have this page for the past 6 years now and yes I always wanted people to comment, give me feedback on my posts.. Double standards eh?

I have been stressed in the past. There was a dark period when I couldn't focus. My plans backfired. The future looked pretty dull and I had no clue what was going on. I decided to make the very best of it. I painted, I sketched, I did paper Mache, I worked hard in the gym. These things became my coping mechanism. Till date, I don't feel the need to live my life through a handful of pictures on the internet. Good Times or bad times I want to learn new things, experience new things and practice new things.. I want to write my own songs. I want to write my own stories. I want to invent my own painting style. I want to invent my own dessert.  I want to grow old richer remember?

Good Times or Bad Times, living life virtually isn't for me - Time Out!

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  1. hmm point to valid hai but i guess its all abt finding one's own cmfrt zone ... ab be it bragging, checking in or may b even blogging.... depends upon the individual's idea of feeling happy an connected... nahi??