Sunday, August 4, 2013

Of Fairy tales from the Wonderland...

Is it possible to be in love with a TV show?
If you are me the chances are YES.  I am really hooked to Game of Thrones. While the feminists around the world must be arguing about how it is aimed towards men, I couldn't care less.
MG forced me to start with the book an year ago. I diligently picked up the book only to realize after reading 50 pages that it wasn't for me.

He was real persistent in his efforts, A few days ago he got the whole downloaded GoT season 1. He made me watch it. I cribbed. I was apprehensive. He sat through the one hour show to answer my question.
Yes, after an hour I was in love, well almost. For me it has become that new wonderland.

Ever watched Mahabharata ? I loved it as a kid, I LOVE it now because it feels so real. It has daily issues.
It doesn't talk about good vs evil. It is more about conquering the evil inside your head. Everyone has shades of grey. Every time I watch it I get the same message that no one is perfect! I get goosebumps after watching or reading stories from Mahabharata. Sadly, I never felt the same when I watched Ramayana. All the characters were perfect who became victims of the situation. In case of Mahabharata every character had negative shades and that is what I find very appealing.

In case of GoT it's the same. Each character no matter how strong has his/her weaknesses. I love the tales of long winters, kings, fighting for the throne, the fear of unknown, dragons, black magic, mythical creatures behind the wall, The swords, ploys, courage, heroes dying, heroes falling, special powers and the most important  love.  Now I am ready to read all the books ( there are 9 in all...)

I am a little dreamy eyed every time I finish an episode of GoT. It is like childhood again. Do you remember stories from your childhood? I do and they were all about the mythical creatures in the far off lands.
I like stories where the heroes are not perfect. Perfection is just a state of mind, Methinks. It is what gives you satisfaction inside your head.  I think you will continue to hear me blabber more about GoT in the coming days. I am a little too much in love right now.

On a totally unrelated topic I just wanted to share my little story:
Last year when I decided to lose weight Seriously I joined a gym. I measured my all out mile run. I took exactly 12:45 minutes to run a mile( I was really sluggish during those days..). Last month before heading for Poona I ran a mile all out in exactly 7:50 minutes. I checked on the internet and with all my friends back in Germany. The record was of 5:25 minutes in my previous club in Germany. I was quite disappointed. I trained harder.. Last night I ran a mile again, all out and I took 7:30 seconds. So yes, I am still not there but I am headed in that direction. I need 10,000 hours to be successful as per Gladwell.  So many more to go... *Sigh*

P.S: Too many posts in the last few days? 

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  1. Game of thrones is actually pretty amazing....

    N all the best for your run :) :)