Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ain't No Place Like My Home...

When I joined this company the traveling was included in the package.
I said yes without thinking about the accommodation, logistics etc.. The thought of traveling back and forth didn't bother me at all.

My company has put me up in one of the better hotels in the city. It is quite plush I must admit. 
I am quite liking it. The comfort is a little too much to ignore.
Everything is taken care of period. You just pick up your life and move on.
The sheets are tight and crisp. The small packs of EVERYTHING to beautify my room. The fresh flowers in all bright colors lift my spirits high.Unlimited coffee. Isn't it tempting?? I never appreciated these things before but then during those times I was a traveler. I was a wanderer who never tried to feel at home in her hotel room. Last Sunday I woke up early, finished my workout and had a lazy lazy breakfast. After my breakfast I went for a stroll near by. When I came back the housekeeping was busy tidying up my room. So I grabbed my laptop and went downstairs. I sat in the open restaurant and was surfing the net there and watching the world go by. Everything was calm and quiet. I realized how peaceful it was. Things were moving slowly and steadily.  I love the unusual calmness of the hotels. I am sure there is a lot of mad rush backstage but I love the silky smoothness outside. I love those cheerful Good Mornings and wide grins. I love to park myself in my comfy sofa for a quick nap.. Yes I like it! I like the idea of just going two floors down to work out in the mornings. I love the whiteness of towels. I love the attached living room.. I like my study table and the view from my window.

You might argue that the hotel room is not my home and rightly so. Even though I love the comfort of living in a hotel but it does not smell like home. I miss cooking/baking/ spring cleaning. I miss setting the furniture again and again. I love peeking outside my balcony window to catch a glimpse of the swimming pool.
I miss my art and craft projects amongst the endless other things that I miss everyday. I love setting the newspaper straight time and again.. I miss the gurgling of my coffee machine.. The humdrum of my oven and the silent zooom of my washing machine. I miss it all. Well they rightly say that no luxury can replace the mundane things of home. 

You must be wondering about how I leave no chance to talk about my home.. It just feels good. I wish my home was a person. It feels proud. It feels good. It feels like an achievement.
I will be back home in a few days time.The moment I would start feeling at home it would be time for me to leave yet again for this hotel room which I have inhabited for now. 

A very wise man said - "Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."
I am waiting to go back.. I am waiting to soak it all in.. I am waiting to enjoy my coffee.. I am waiting to be there with the one who waits!



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