Sunday, July 28, 2013

We have all got walls to climb....

I got restless as the weekend approached. On Friday I was pacing up and down. I was just restless. I wanted to go somewhere. I wanted to travel to some unknown place where no one knew me. I wanted to try the local delicacies, I wanted to click pictures, I wanted to sit down and sketch.. I wanted to take a moment and be on my own in an unknown place.
Isn't it the most beautiful feeling?

So when a colleague of mine suggested this place I jumped! I immediately said yes.
Back in 2007, Karan planted this idea of going to this fort ( Rather trekking). We did try to trek during our short visits to Pune but could never manage. So it became one of those things... You know how I get touchy about Vienna? When I was asked to take up this assignment I was told about my back and forth travel and at that time instead of thinking about the other important things I was thinking about the places to visit. This fort was at number1 in my list.
We trekked our way up the fort and it was just amazing....It was drizzling on and off. We were cautious for the first 10 minutes and then we decided to let go of our inhibitions. We enjoyed the intermittent downpour as if it was our last day on earth. We stopped at all the places to buy the local delicacies and we enjoyed them without a care in the world.

I think in my previous birth I was someone who was living in a fort or a palace.. I get attracted to the forts in particular. They excite me. I touch the walls. I walk slowly but steadily. I try to soak in all at once..
Are you yawning? Ok, scroll down to see the pictures at least..

The first halt at Sinhagad fort...

We trekked our way up and it was raining intermittently. That has become a way of life here. After a while you just stop caring about it. The weather is so windy that there is no humidity ever. I think thats the reason why you dont ever mind the downpour. We were shivering so we stopped in a small dhaba / Tapri for some tea and onion bhaji..  The tea was loaded with sugar but the warmth from the tea was way too good to think about those extra teaspoons of sugar.

The weather was simply wonderful. It was misty, hazy and just the way I like it.

It reminded me of so many trips in the past. There were soo many fellow trekkers but it didn't matter in that moment. I kept on thinking if it was all for real.
If that fort was for real.. It looked like a fairy tale.

The second halt...
I just wanted to sketch all of this. Too bad, it was outside and raining and couldn't have sketched.

The second halt came within 5 minutes of our first halt for some healthy snacking.

Boiled peanuts and raw mango marinated in spice. It was too tasty to resist.

The seller gave the mango pieces in a leaf. I just loved it. Eco Friendly should be our way of life..

Lovers find unique ways of professing their love in every place. If it was the locks with the names engraved in the troubled east Berlin or writing the names of their loved ones on the graffiti walls of Prague This was something really unique. People decalred their love on the leaves of  aloe vera plants. 

Blossoming love on a Wilted plant ... What an Irony?
I thought it was just one odd plant but then I found so many of them with the names engraved. Although I don't like the idea of spoiling plants. I was quite amused by this.

It's a wonderful world and finding these quirky things in different places exhilerates me.

 I just wanted to sit there and sleep. It was fresh air. The feeling of walking on the clouds was amazing.

Another gate at the military outpost...

Half drenched, half dry, with clothes in all shades of mud..
Opening and closing the umbrella.. Switching the phone camera on and then quickly shutting it at the hint of water drops falling.

Holding on to whatever we could when the wind was stronger and mistier. The sweetend tea became my saviour during this trek.

Chai Chai Chai...

Reaching the samadhi ( A funerary monument) was like finding the heart and soul amongst stones/ bricks..
The place to honor the dead.. It was Tanaji Malusare samadhi
He won this fort from the hands of Mughals with 500 odd men.

It was just that moment where you keep thinking about the past era and the stories of heroism, bravery and guts. We need more heroes. I guess that's one of the things we need in this wonderful world.  
I want to tell my kids to be able to see these heroes. I want to tell them the stories of these heroes.. *Sigh*

The famous Dahi
I tried the famous dahi / curd which the locals rave about. I also tried Pitla Bakhri. I was so hungry that I couldn't think of clicking a single picture.

Pitla bakhri is a simple and humble meal which is served with lost of onions, dry garlic chutner  and green chillies.Pitla is what we call besan kadhi in North India ( Except no curd is used) and Bakhri is Jowar roti.
On a cold and chilly rainy day the food gave us warmth. The simplicity and taste of this food will wow you.

There were no fine dining restraurents to serve this. They were just makeshift dhabas and the owners screaming to attract the attention of the tourists. The owners were hard working people and their daily hours of work showed on their faces. The food was mindblowing and probably the best I have eaten so far here. I somehow feel very guilty for being so priveleged at times. The feeling of I have more than them bogs me down. Also, I think of my hardships in life so far and it feels really petty for sulking during those times.

Enjoying my 2 minutes of fame.. :)

That's pretty much about my trip.. Will I go there again? Yes! May be during the dry months to get a different perspective..  There's a lot that I havent't even mentioned. Like finding those nook and corners. Clicking the ruins of the past. The lush greenery all around. The hazy misty feeling of watching the clouds travel. The drive back. The slippery trek down. The Kulfis people were enjoying at the fort. The stinkiest loo ever..  What's the point of travel if you don't figure these things out on your own..?

I hope you are not sleeping by now. Also, it has become a loong loong post..
I need my coffee.. So do you I guess.

P.S: It's been a long post and I can't review it for mistakes. Not now, Not ever.
Let me know if you find my silly mistakes in there... :)


  1. woaah.... as promised...looks like someone is having a blast.. and seriously.....u had me there.... the charm of the bygone era is something even I find fascinating.... wud love to time travel someday just to get the feel of how the modern day places must hav looked like back then.... beg ur pardon fr this really long comment but m nt gud at conveying things in less words .... meanwhile, make the most of ur stay there... Happy exploring :)

  2. @Raghu: Thank you so much..
    Well yes the charm of the old relics is too good to be true.
    I wish I could go there as an outsider and get a glimpse of their life.. !! Wishes *Sigh*

  3. Sounds like a nice hike !
    I bet it wouldn't have been the same if you'd taken a cab up to the fort. New places are best explored on foot.