Sunday, July 7, 2013

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I am a serial multitasker. I don't like to waste even a single minute of my day.
This is something that I have inherited from my mother. I love to plan my day and I love it even more when the day goes as planned. I understand that there is no thing as "Perfect Planning" yet I like to stay close to my plan. I have entered in to a phase of life where I love to spend my weekends at home. I love to cook, bake, clean, paint etc etc...

Talking about cleaning.. Over here, people keep asking me about the maids that I have. When I tell them that I don't have any house help they look at me with amusement. Some even think that I am a penny pincher. They reason it out with me. They want me to have househelp... In return I ask them why... It has become a debatable topic for me these days.
When I was in Germany I never had househelp and I did just fine. Over here I don't think I have reached a point where I can't function without help. I love to do things my way. The sense of satisfaction that I get is unmatched.
More than that I think my time management is pretty good. I hate the thought of being dependent.
It creeps me out and this is the biggest reason as to why I never considered keeping any househelp..
The thing that you have to plan your day as per someone else's whims and fancies is a bit unsettling.
It doesn't take more than 40 minutes to do your cleaning then why be dependent on someone?
The other day I was in the lift when I heard two house helpers gossiping about their employers on their way home.. I just felt happy...

I am not done yet.. I have a lot to talk about the disconnected things and random thoughts..
After a long time I ventured in to a mall for some shopping. The good thing about my new job is that I can wear "ANYTHING" to work. There is such a sense of freedom and yes it calls for less shopping... I hated my time in the mall yesterday. I don't like to shop anymore.
Whenever I need something urgently I order it online.  So from tomorrow I am on a self imposed mall shopping ban. In fact on a total shopping ban. Lets see how long does it last..
Oh I can hear a loud why from your end.. Well this ban is needed to save up for my future travels to exotic lands..

After my mall debacle I had a grand coffee experience.. MG had promised to treat me at a five star after my first paycheck ( Well he wanted this to be an incentive for me to start working again). I kept on delaying this outing for no apparent reason... Why first paycheck?
That's because I got a lot of offers and I took my time to select the right one.
Anyway so we went to a reputed 5 star hotel for a cup of coffee.. I was quite bedazzled with the interiors and the finery there. This particular hotel is known for its grandeur.
I liked my coffee and I liked the spread. It was wonderful. I realized how important it is to go out in all finery and be hoity toity once in a while. I also think that you should go to the best places once in a while to indulge in what you like. It is important to have these days to maintain the balance in life.

I wanted to write about my coffee addiction, my love for coffee etc etc..I guess I will do that some other day.. Another day, Another time.. Right now I should be sleeping like a baby... It is way past my bed time and its going to be a long day tomorrow.. ( I like the sound of it ... The euphoria of a new job)..


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  1. It is such a joy to do work one absolutely loves! Good going.